Saturday, October 12, 2013

Once we were moving forward and the barn was starting to fill up I don't want you to think the challenges were over. I worked night and day in my little haven and was the happiest I had been in a long time. But you know when your guard is down there is always trouble.
I got a call from a dear friend who owns a storefront downtown and she called to say that her renter was moving out and she now has a spot that was totally renovated and waiting for me. Wow, just what I had been wanting. I took a tour with her and we talked figures and bills and what I could make it look like and...wait..what about my barn?
I put her in my car and took her to my home and showed her what I had been working on. She loved it but still wanted me uptown for 4th quarters sales....I could see it decorated for Christmas, I could see the people, the fun just what I wanted. Then I thought of my barn and how I loved being home and working at my own pace. I started praying to see if I had made a mistake, should I move uptown?

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marly said...

Oh wow. You would probably have more foot traffic and customers downtown, but your barn doesn't have the required obligations of renting. Tough choice!! Answer this question without thinking or hesitating - quick - where would you rather be?