Saturday, February 28, 2009

How do you like my project this time?

I wanted to give you an idea of the project I was telling you about...the hand applique' class. This is the basket of flowers that I think is so cute. This pattern could easily be turned into a wool pattern or a punch needle projcet too. I have about half of it stitched down and on the right I have some of it pinned in place and some is still missing. I am hoping to finish it really soon....then I will move on to something else.
We have continued our quest of finishing up our rental property and as of 11pm last night it is done, well at least the inside is done. The outside needs a light and a few other things but that is for dh to work on. I am nearly exhausted putting in three weeks of hard labor. Did I mnetion that rentald are no fun!!!!
I also made a trip to our near-by town and signed up for classes..Ohio State brancn campus. I will be taking two classes in the spring quarter, and a total of 5 this summer. That will be 20 quarter hours and then my teaching license will be good for the next 5 years. Now that will feel good to have that done. This is probably the last time I will renew and that is good too. lol
Today we spent the morning at a piano contest...our youngest is quite the piano player. She figures on getting two trophies, we will know on Tuesday. If she does I will proudly post a pic of them.
My parents are due home from Florida at the end of March. Last year my dad worked on our new buildings all summer and by the time he left I was so very tired and I haven't caught up dad...we can not work as hard this year because I am still tired!!!!lol
Well...think I will come to visit all you friends in blog land so until next time, be blessed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hand applique' at Good Wives Co.

Yesterday my sister and I went to a small store called Good Wives Co. and took a class on hand applique'. I have always love to work on hand stitches and I knew there were many techniques so when I saw they were offering them I jumped for the chance to learn something new. The hearts were the pieces where we learned how to hide our stitches. We were then sent home with another pattern to work on. When I get my stuff out today I will try to post a pick of the primitve flower basket I will try next on my own.
We had a great time. Their shop is so homey and would love to visit there. I forgot my camera so guess I will have to make a trip back so I can get some snaps of what you missed. These ladies are the sweetest things. They are joyful and fun to be around. We had a good instuctor and all were available to answer questions or help out where they could. I so wish you could have come with me. We are going to go back for another class in March that is Wool applique'/ Now I know that you have seen some of the things that I have made and I already know how to make primitve wall hangings and stocking but this pattern seemed to have more detail so I want to see what techniques they use too.
I am going to have way to much fun. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Be Blessed,

Monday, February 16, 2009

New mantle decorations

I put away all my winter, snowy, snowmen items in hopes that spring is on the way. Of course, I know that until April 15th it is winter in Ohio so I really am just having wishful thinking. I started the mantle so this is phase one. The flowers on the left still need candles but I just can't but my fingers on the ones I am looking It will have to do for today.
I have nothing on top of the tv because I just can't even think what to put there. LOL We will be working on the rentals again this week and hopefully finish this one but I think that we may have another one to work on by Friday so that means another couple of weeks in the rentals...yes I am complaining. LOL
I am going for a nice long walk today since it is 30 degrees and it is suppose to drop to the 20s the next few days. I have so many things that I want to do and even more that I have to
The girls are with friends today except our oldest who had college classes today but not on Martin Luther King day...what's up with that?
If I get anything creative started I will post again but until then. Be Blessed.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Primitve bunny,,,Love it

Hey there, I have been gone too long. I have been working on one of our rental properties. We have one empty and someone is wanting to move in but it was so dirty and dingy that we needed some time to work on it. I don't believe they ever cleaned in the last 5 years so we are up to our eyebrows working on this place.
My two daughters and I have been painting and stripping wallpaper each day until we are so tired that we took a break today....boy did we need that.
We have two bedrooms done, the foyer, the living room and the hallway. Each had 10 foot ceilings and very large woodwork. It is a beautiful apartment once you get it painted and cleaned. LOL We have the bathroom and kitchen to do. I am hanging wallpaper in the kitchen next week and new tile on the floor in the bathroom....then we will be done...I think. We needed help, this job was really a big one for the three of us. My dh is doing the flooring...we are replacing a kitchen cabinet that has the sink in it.
I did have a minute last friday to stop at a store and I fell in love with this little only rabbit so far. The black light I found at a store that was going out of business and I thought it was a good deal so I brought it home too.
Tomorrow I am working on cleaning and putting things away at our home because it seems like the more you work at the rental the more my house gets a mess...oh well...tomorrow it will be better, right?
I need my dad to come home from Florida so he can help me...I am tired! LOL Blessings to all.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Punch needle finished

I am still working on punch needle and these are the three that I have done. All the Christmas designs were 40%off so that is why I am working on so many that have a Christmas theme. I am thinking about adding sheep to my living room so you will be seeing many designs with sheep too.
My daughters finger is still giving her a lot of pain and I want to think all you for your wonderful comments!! She has been sick for much of the winter and this seems to have been the icing on the cake.
The girls have roller skating today so I am off to the good will and the thrift store. I am hoping to find some wool and frames for my punch needle. But when you go there it is like a treasure never know what you will find. If I find anything good I will be sure to let you know. Blessings

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dislocated finger and a new shelf

This is a picture of our middle daughters finger. She shut her had in the van door on Saturday and she had been in pain since then. We had xrays taken and it was dislocated in two places and she has a torn tendon....poor thing. She actually pulled the door with the other hand and I guess she just forgot her hand was in the way. She will be in splint for a couple weeks because it was hyper extended and then she should be fine...but until then she is kinda down in the dumps about it. She has had a hard winter.

I went shopping at a local IGA/Benn Franklin store that is going out of business. The store was swamped with customers because everything was 20%off. I did find two things that I thought I had better pick up because they were the only ones they had. I found this red aged shelf with a towel rack and the tree that is on the top shelf. I filled the rest of it with things I had here and there but it seems like all my cute stuff is still put away. Next week I will have to work on that. I made the little heart wall hanging a few years ago and I did like it on the wall but I like the shelf much better...It is hanging on a wall in my kitchen.
Well, I am finishing a couple projects that I will share another day. Until then be blessed.