Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hand applique' at Good Wives Co.

Yesterday my sister and I went to a small store called Good Wives Co. and took a class on hand applique'. I have always love to work on hand stitches and I knew there were many techniques so when I saw they were offering them I jumped for the chance to learn something new. The hearts were the pieces where we learned how to hide our stitches. We were then sent home with another pattern to work on. When I get my stuff out today I will try to post a pick of the primitve flower basket I will try next on my own.
We had a great time. Their shop is so homey and would love to visit there. I forgot my camera so guess I will have to make a trip back so I can get some snaps of what you missed. These ladies are the sweetest things. They are joyful and fun to be around. We had a good instuctor and all were available to answer questions or help out where they could. I so wish you could have come with me. We are going to go back for another class in March that is Wool applique'/ Now I know that you have seen some of the things that I have made and I already know how to make primitve wall hangings and stocking but this pattern seemed to have more detail so I want to see what techniques they use too.
I am going to have way to much fun. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Be Blessed,


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh that sounds wonderful...I always try to embrace the opportunity to learn something new. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself as well..

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi sweetie! I agree with Robin that it does sound wonderful. I would love to go with you and take a class there too! Thank you for your lovely comment on my china cabinet make over, I am so happy that you like it! Wishing you a very happy week Dianntha!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Meggie said...

Sounds like a great class, Dianntha! I'm sure you will use all the wonderful tips you learned.

Robby said...

Hey there...this is Robby. I read that you tried to go onto my blog....I mucked it up so had to redo it.

Please come back and visit...I will let you in.


monique said...

That class sounds just great!
I myself have been taking some of those kind of classes too and I loved them.
Have a lovely weekend.