Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally...5th primitive stocking done..

Well, I put down the punch neeedle and decided to finish my stocking for next years Christmas. She is a whimsical angel and I think she is cute but then she is my stocking and I got to choose the pattern. I still want to make a tree skirt to go with out new stockings so that is what I will do after I finish my gingerbread punch
It is cold and very white out today...cloudy but I pray we don't get any wind because the snow is so powery....pray with me on that please.
I am not sure what kind of projects I am going to work on today...first I have some cleaning and putting away to do....then the fun stuff. Have a great day. Be blessed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

.winter wonderland....again

Yes..that says 8 1/2 inches so far....more to come yet today. They are saying 10 by the time it stops.

Yes, we were next in line for the winter storm that so many of you already have... I tryed to get a few pics but I am not sure they show how much snow we really have. It is suppose to snow until 4pm so we could get even more. Yesterday you could see the bare pavement so that will give you a little idea about the snow amounts.
We are about to reach snow the 3rd snowest January on record...should I say yeah...or not?
Be are going to spend time together watching a movie with some hot chocolate and pop corn...come on over...if you can get here. Be blessed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Side-tracked on punch needle

..Okay I admit it...I got side-tracked. LOL
While I was working on finishing the last stocking I got hooked on punch needle. I love it. It is easy and relaxing...a fun thing to do in the evenings when I can't see good enough to cross stitch will...punch needle.
Don't get worried...I will finish that 5th sock soon and then I will show you what it looks like just like I did with the other ones.
I have also been busy with helping our younges paint her room. The painting is done so today we need to push the furniture around but right now I am just too tired to work on
Be back soon. Be blessed

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4th primitve stocking done!!!

This is the 4th primitive stocking...finished. Some of you asked what kind of material I use. I often buy skirts and pants at the goodwill so I can use wool but when that is not available or the right color I do use high quality felt form Jo Ann fabrics. This snowman is for our youngest daughter,15, and she is not wild about the pennys but I tryed to explain that is just one of the things you expect to see on something primitive. She was still growling a little when I was done but she will like it better when they are all hanging beside each other next Christmas.
I have started working on my stocking and it will be the last of the stockings. I am going to then start a tree skirt. I will try to use some of the same designs I think and I did leave out my old quilted one so I have a pattern for the size.
I also have a large coffee table that has always had a table runner to match the stockings so I will have to continue on to make a table mat to go with all the other primitive
I did start to take down some of my snowman decorations yesterday.It really is too early to do so because we normally have lots of snow in February but I was ready to do some cleaning and it just seemed like the right time this year. I am kinda ready to get things back to normal and my youngest is wanting to paint her room before spring so I do have that on the back of my mind too.
It is another cold day here in Ohio but you know we must be getting use to it because I thought it was nice and then I saw that the temperature was only 8 degrees...hummm I really didn't think it seemed that cold. I guess it is true, it is all in what you are use too.
Well, I had better get to work on that last stocking for it will not finish itself. Until next time, be blessed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

3rd Christmas stocking done for 2009

Well, I have finished the third Christmas stocking. This one is for our middle daughter, she is into sheep right now so that was her request.
I tea stained the material for the sheep body but I left the blanket natural for a contrast. I but a small bow in it's hair at my daughters request but I think it turned out cute. She decided on a different type of snowflake. these were easier and not very time consuming to complete.
Today I hope to finish my youngest daughters stocking so we will see.
It is only 8 degrees so far so I am going to stay in for the most part maybe a shore trip to town and then I must clean, clean, clean...maily because I just feel like I am in the cleaning mood.
Take care and check back tomorrow and I am hoping to have stocking number 4 done. Be blessed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 primitive christmas stockings

Well, I have been working on patterns and designs and so far I have two stockings done. The santa is for my dh and the leaping deer is for our oldest daughter. She is the one that said we were due for new stockings so that gave me the idea that I wanted to go with primitive designs.
All the stockings are going to be black and each will have a different design. I am working on the third stocking and hope to finish it tomorrow. Actually, it is fun to work on them as the storms continue to rage outside. We all chose what we wanted our stocking to have on it and then I went with it. If you like Need'l Love patterns then you will see that I get my inspiration from them.
We started the day at -12 but it actually warmed to twenty but then...well the wind roared and it seemed colder that yesterday. We will see what tomorrow brings. I am plannning on staying warm and working on Christmas stockings yet another day.
Let me know what you think of the stockings so far. Until next time be blessed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold and working on stockings

Yes, cold is the name of the game. It is -13 and I know some of you are used to dealing with that kind of temperature but we aren't so I am staying inside today. I think that I am going to work on my new Christmas stockings today. My kids thought we needed something new for last year and I really wanted to wait till next year to make them but I figured that I will be too busy get them done when it gets close to Christmas so....this is the first one.
I have all of them cut out and pinned. The
Santa stocking will go to my dh and each of the rest of us also decided what will go one our stockings.
I am thinking that next year I will decorate with more primitive items so this is just the beginning. Hope to see you soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunny Flordia

Here we are in sunny Florida...well kinda... it isn't sunny today. it is actually cloudy and windy. We are at the Daytona beach today and you can see that the girls are having fun with their Grandparents.
They went into the water a little but really it was just too cold. They didn't mind because when we went to the airport it was only 6 degrees at this weather is okay with them.
Tomorrow it will be warmer so I will take more pictures then. Talk to you soon. Be blessed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Storm Warning here

Well. we are suppose to be under a winter storm warning tonight and tomorrow so I wanted to get a quick pic of what it looks like today. This is what it looks like when I open my back door. You can see my garden shed in the background and it gives you a better idea of how close it is to our home. It is about 25 degrees and no wind so far. Lets hope it stays that way.
I will post another pic tomorrow after our overnight snowfall...they say 5 more inches but I am hoping they are wrong.