Monday, January 19, 2009

3rd Christmas stocking done for 2009

Well, I have finished the third Christmas stocking. This one is for our middle daughter, she is into sheep right now so that was her request.
I tea stained the material for the sheep body but I left the blanket natural for a contrast. I but a small bow in it's hair at my daughters request but I think it turned out cute. She decided on a different type of snowflake. these were easier and not very time consuming to complete.
Today I hope to finish my youngest daughters stocking so we will see.
It is only 8 degrees so far so I am going to stay in for the most part maybe a shore trip to town and then I must clean, clean, clean...maily because I just feel like I am in the cleaning mood.
Take care and check back tomorrow and I am hoping to have stocking number 4 done. Be blessed.