Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4th primitve stocking done!!!

This is the 4th primitive stocking...finished. Some of you asked what kind of material I use. I often buy skirts and pants at the goodwill so I can use wool but when that is not available or the right color I do use high quality felt form Jo Ann fabrics. This snowman is for our youngest daughter,15, and she is not wild about the pennys but I tryed to explain that is just one of the things you expect to see on something primitive. She was still growling a little when I was done but she will like it better when they are all hanging beside each other next Christmas.
I have started working on my stocking and it will be the last of the stockings. I am going to then start a tree skirt. I will try to use some of the same designs I think and I did leave out my old quilted one so I have a pattern for the size.
I also have a large coffee table that has always had a table runner to match the stockings so I will have to continue on to make a table mat to go with all the other primitive decorations..lol
I did start to take down some of my snowman decorations yesterday.It really is too early to do so because we normally have lots of snow in February but I was ready to do some cleaning and it just seemed like the right time this year. I am kinda ready to get things back to normal and my youngest is wanting to paint her room before spring so I do have that on the back of my mind too.
It is another cold day here in Ohio but you know we must be getting use to it because I thought it was nice and then I saw that the temperature was only 8 degrees...hummm I really didn't think it seemed that cold. I guess it is true, it is all in what you are use too.
Well, I had better get to work on that last stocking for it will not finish itself. Until next time, be blessed.


CozyCoops Corner said...

Love this one too ! Sooo cute !

Tolentreasures said...

Wow, You are just blowing right through these! They are beautiful. Your daughter won't care about the pennies when the stocking is full of goodies for her! Thanks for the info on the fabric. I raid Goodwill also!


This Country Girl said...

All 4 your stockings are great! You are really talented! It would be very hard for me to pick a favorite of these...I like that they are all different!

Have you done anything with your cafe doors?


countrychicken said...

You are so right - it did seem warm yesterday in our area. I am looking forward to 30 for Thursday and Friday. Love the stockings - you are getting a good head start on next year - I will be so nice to dig everything out and be already.

simple~needs said...

i am wanting to paint the the bedroom now.lol
i love the stockings you made- great job!!!!!
its cold in this part of ohio too. ;)
i am so wanting spring to hurry!!

Linda said...

Dianntha...all the stockings are wonderful. Your girls and hubby are very lucky. I tired to pick a favorite but I love them all...hugs, Linda

Stephanie said...

That is so darn cute :)
I love it !!

kari and kijsa said...

Love it! Just catching up on our blogging...stopping by to say hello!
kari & kijsa

Meggie said...

The stockings are adorable, Dianntha!