Monday, April 28, 2014

More Thoughts

This has been such a wonderful and challenging time of my life. The loss of my parents has  totally changed my life. I have never been a crier but I am now. That lump in my throat sets me into tears at a moments notice. With the loss of my MIL I continue to see how precious each day is and I strive to make each one important. The loss has drawn my family together. While I work in Vyntage Barn I  love the decor and the creativity but I find myself very excited to meet old and new friends at each sale. We have expanded our business and are hoping to be open even more days this year.

This will be my first Mother's Day Sale and it only seems appropriate that it seems so very important now that we have lost both of our Mothers. I hope we are creating a place for Mother's and Daughters to come for a few laughs and lots of fun. We want our sale to be light hearted.
When I am working on furniture I remember the stories my Mom would tell me about painting furniture when she was a girl, I miss her beyond words.
She is my inspiration, she is the reason that I think I can have a business, that I think I can paint furniture, she had a love for faux jewelry and we continue to create may fun pieces.
Some days without her I think about stopping, sitting...quitting...I become discouraged and sad and listless.
I can almost here her say, "Dianntha, Stop it, you have what you need without me."...Mom always gave it all..all her love, all here energy and all her time. Her loss effects me everyday since she spent most of her days with me.
I believe she would have loved my little business and would have been a big part of what I do. She was an encourager and I only hope that I carry that on to my children.
  I am not sure why or how but what I know is God is good, His mercy follows me and His grace is enough and with that I carry on each day knowing we will meet again!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Loss and Love

    Sorry Friends that I have been gone but life has been so busy. I have tried to enjoy the simple things such as this tree that is in full bloom.
     My dear MIL has been quite ill and has now gone to be with the Lord. She was great friends with my Mom and they were majorettes together in HS.
      We will miss her be she had been ill for many years and now she no longer is suffering.
I continue to prepare for the Mother's Day sale and we are going to have some wonderful things to share.
I am in love with this stove and I fear it will not be for sale yet but I am enjoying it so much.
And this sellers cabinet is a treasure and is filled with so many kitchen items.
We have so many new jewelry items that have been so much fun to display and my girls have gone crazy over them.
I am enjoying putting all the bracelets together and playing with all the choices!
Trying to fill my heart with all the right things along the way!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Coffee cups

Hi Friends, I have been working feverishly on our Mother's Day sale. I was at an auction and  found this set of dishes that I thought I was going to put on the sale. When I got them home I loved them so much that I decided to put them in my kitchen. This is the cup with the little colored daisy and colored inside but take a look at our cups right next to it!
Is this crazy? This is the size a coffee cup used to be and look at what we use now...I am speechless.
And yesterday I was part of a unique art show....more on that late!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Preparing For the Spring Show!

  I have been working on the spring sale but also I will be attending a craft sale right before Easter. So I am working with a few bunnies and many Spring flowers.
And what would Spring be without birds?
I have been working 12 hour days because I know once it gets nice I will have much to do outside also.
There is much to do but it is fun getting ready to meet old friends again.
   Much to tell and rest needed!