Thursday, May 28, 2009

Newest project almost completed!

I stopped by the Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio and well, they have so many interesting treasures. I know when I go there that I will have to pick and choose what I want. She had many Halloween designs stitched and on display but this one caught my eye. I loved the flag. They had this complete set done but I am stitching them seperatly because I didn't care for a couple of the images. I do not like the waves or the desert home....sorry just my personal taste. I am framing them individually so I can seperate them. I am almost done just have to finish the clouds. Then I will start house number two.
I also went shopping at "basemart". lol My sister has a room in her basement that we call basemart and she has the best stuff in there and she was getting rid of some items so I hurried on over and wait till you see what I picked up. It was too dark to take a picture and then too rainy so I will share that another day!! Hope all is well with all of you...see you soon, until then be blessed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Blessings

Thank you to all who have served and are serving. Blessings to each and every one and their families.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Digging to China...well kinda

Do you remember last fall when I started to lay the sidewalk for me garden building? Well, I never was happy with how it turned out so yesterday I decided to dig it out and start again. My dh ran the rotatiller in a path so I could dig out the dirt. I went out early and decided that I was going to see what I could do myself... I think it is looking much better. I ran out of pavers since I moved the curve out so I will have to go back to Lowes this weekend.

You can see that the pond is a 125 gallon plastic but it is pretty deep. This is where we think it should go. Once the digging starts we aren't changing our minds!
The ground is still soft from all the rain so I am hoping that the digging goes easy for us. Dan is at work but he will be happy we did this without him. LOL

We are starting out dig. Of course when you dig anything there are always way too many stones. We did find some broken pieces of crocks too. The girls really didn't complain. We took the dirt around front and filled in when the county put a new tile across our front yard. I think we were getting a cardio say the least.

After 2 hours of digging ...ta fits. If we only had the sand to fill in the bottom and the sides. But that will be for another day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Noah's Ark at a rock bottom price

Yesterday I stopped at a stop called Twice But Nice and I found the most adorable Noah's art. It doesn't have many markings on it but I loved it just the same. It was only $4.
We have a small spare bedroom that I have been thinking about painting and decorating it with a border that had Noahs ark and this would just fit right in. One of the animals on the ladder is loose so I just have it laying beside it right now until I can get it glued.
Well...I am off to work on my stepping stone path, I didn't make much progress yesterday. I will try to get a picture of that so you can see what I am up to.
I will try to visit you all later today. Until next time, be blessed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trees...and more trees

Yesterday I purchased 12 norway spruce to plant along our property line. Dh and i decided we might as well get started planting so...away we went. The ground is still damp from all the rain and the digging wasn't too bad. We lined everything up, placed them in just the right spot and started digging.
I will admit I only dug three holes and dh dug the rest...guess that is why I didn't start until he got home from work.
We had a very pesky neighbor and we are hoping this will help with privacy. We have decided we need 7 more trees so I guess I will be more digging today....or tomorrrow.
For those of you who were with me last summer you will remember this is the site of the building collapse. We are still trying to get the grass to grow...but actually this is good compared to the beginning of the season. Until next time, be blessed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Porch pictures...almost done now

Take a look at the porch pictures and let's see what you think. It isn't quite done. The baskets will have red geraniums and some on the steps...I need a pillow or two for the swing and still I have nothing to put on the door. I don't know if I want a wreath or...well must don't know. I do have a childs red wagon I could put on the porch too or in front of the steps but anyways...what do you think...I'm open to suggestions...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sneak preview of porch decorations....more to come

The weather here as not be co-operating with working outside. We were suppose to have a bbgame last night but too much rain for that. I have tons of outside work to do but it is so muddy that I have only done a small amount of work so far.
So this afternoon the sun finally came out and I decided to start to decorate the porch.I decided to go with the americana theme until the 4th of July so I dug through me stash and found a few items to use. I have note been to the nursery yet so no flowers as of yet so I am going to give you a sneak preview just to give you an idea of what I am up to...then again things change quick around there. Stop back and see phase two...until then, be blessed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finished project and more

Last night was the opening game of the season...softball has offically started. We will be at the ball park about three evenings a week until the 4th of here are the two girls and the bf. He is the bat-boy for the team. We won 9-8 without batting for the last time since we were already ahead. It was a fun evening.

I finally got my cross stitched clothes line framed. I guess I must have a thing for crows because they seem to continue to appear in many of my projects. I don't know where I am going to hang it but for now it is sitting on my mantle next to my basket with the crow basket hugger.

I had a wonderful Mother's day. My children and dh bought me a new magnolia tree. The deer have eaten mine down to the grown so the girls invested in another one for me. They know how much I love flowering trees. And if that wasn't enough, dh knew that I needed a new sewing machine so guess what else they bought me...a new computerized machine...I am very excitied to get to know this machine very soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great find on the clearance rack..

Today I went with my cousin to buy the pool chemicals for the year. After that we had to stop at a country store to look around and I found this little cutie on the clearance rack. I picked him up right away.
My sister has two and they are so cute and I knew I would love to have one too.
I think I will give him a name...but I will have to think of something first. Be blessed

Monday, May 4, 2009

An outhouse anyone???

My sister was getting rid of her outhouse and she gave it to me...I was so excited.
When you open the door there is a place to store all your garden tools...I think it is adorable. Do you like it?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Egg basket

This is the only thing I bought at the cratft show. I love the wire basket and the eggs are crackle painted and then each has a star on it. They are the wooden eggs that you can find anywhere...this may give some of you some ideas...but wonder where you buy the basket. Have a great Sunday. Be blessed.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

bleeding heart looks great

Today we went to a craft show and there were many crafters set up but there were not many shoppers and very few were buying.
To tell you the truth, I only bought two things and one was a mothers day gift. There were not the wonderful things that I find on blogs so I passed them up until I see just what I am looking for.
The show in October is usually fabulous so I guess I will wait. There were many garden deocorations but I really don't need too many more of those and the ones that I did like were pretty expensive so I passed them up.
I did want to show you a pic of my bleeding heart. I planted it last fall and I was surprised that it survived...I am pleased. See you next time, be blessed.