Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our new "primitive" stockings

You may remember that last January I decided to make new stockings in a primitive theme. Well they really are adorable. We each chose what we wanted on our stockings and then I made them. It has been funny because I have kinda changed my decorating to a little more vintage than primitive so I am not sure they go as well with my room but..too bad we are using them anyways. I tried to get enough pictures so you could get a feel for the mantle. The snowman picture is new this season too.
I want to share a picture(and the funny story that goes with it) of my new sofa...guess I will share that tomorrow with the living room decorations.
I do have my kitchen done but I just cant seem to get good pictures...but I do have the bathroom to share so at least we have a few more days of pictures to come.
I almost took the stockings to our local store to see about selling them..but now they are hung up I guess I like them better than before...
This will be a busy week as we try to finish our rental property and dh starts his new job....until tomorrow, be blessed.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Treats...

Dh did an awesome job with the turkeys this years...oh so nice and moist. He had two different seasonings in each turkey and they were just ymmy...
These were just some of the treats we made on Wednesday.
We had a house full of family and friends and a nice day of beautiful weather so all went well. The dishes are all put away and the food is stored or frozen so now we can begin to enjoy the Christmas season. I have more decorating pictures to stay tuned.
I am off to work on some Christmas presents...Be blessed.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving thoughts...

I just wanted to share a few Thanksgiving thoughts before tomorrow. First, I want to praise the one and only Lord who has looked after us in this time of unemployment..for the hope and strength He has given us to face each day as a challenge and not a burden. I am so thankful that my dh will start his new job on Monday, what a blessing that is for us.
This year has brought many changes some for the good and some that are heartbreaking but in this time of Thanksgiving I want to say that I am thankful for my dear children who have shown great strength of character and my parents who were quick to say they were here for us in our hour of uncertainty.
I am so truly blessed...I truly am. My dh is so steady and strong and so willing to do what it takes to support us and after 27 years he is still the one I look for at the end of the day...I am thankful.
So if you are still with me...I want to say that I wish you a day filled with safe travel and blessings that are abundant. Let's thank the Lord for his abundance at our tables and in our lives. That is my prayer for each of you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are you getting tired of my Christmas pictures???

It is beginning to look festive here in Ohio...the decorations are almost done!!
I hope you aren't tired of seeing them yet because I have the living room and much more to share. These are actually pictures of the computer room..up close and
Enjoy your day of rest.

Be blessed, we are.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Colonial Christmas...on the porch

This is a small trip into areas of my back porch. You have seen that I went to a more colonial look for that area. Most of the furniture is black. I do have more pictures of a few more back porch areas I will share later. Enjoy.

I was hoping to be finished yesterday but I still have a little more to do. All the large areas are done but I am working on the the coffee tables and mantle area. I did finish the bathroom, kitchen, and foyer yesterday! Hurray!
I will post more tomorrow and a few thoughts about Thanksgiving too. Be blessed, we are.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Chrstmas decorations up...more to come.

This is where I started the day...just an old box and a quilt. As you can see the Christmas tree box has been through the mill...we found it in the trash when one of our renters left. Let me tell you I was a happy girl when I found this silver tree. My grandma always had a silver tree and I have wanted one for years.

This is not our Christmas tree for presents...this is just a decoration for this room. Our actual tree will not go up until after Thanksgiving. My room is a moss tree but you just can not tell the color in this picture. I also on the shelf but the pictures were blurry so I will have to take a few more and you will have to watch for them.
This is our computer room so now you can see where I am when I am reading all your I did put together a wreath to match the swag but again the pictures were not clear so that will have to be another day.
My back porch is coming along and the living room is ..well...a I have changed my decorating style for Christmas. For some reason I am into glitter this year. I want everything to sparkle. I think this has something to do with the new job or something. Anyways, hope you enjoy so far...more tomorrow. Be blessed, we are.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes, Fall is a time of work. I put most of my outside things away but I still have not decorated the porch....My plan is to do it this week while the weather is nice. It is suppose to rain tomorrow and then I will have a couple of days to work on it.
I have been working on my home...getting ready for Thanksgiving. This may be one of the best DH got a job yesterday. He starts the first week of December and we will have insurance in about 70 days. I am so thankful...I truly am and I will not forget those who are still hunting for a job!!! My prayers will still be with them.
I have started to decorate for the holidays ahead. My back porch will remain fall until after Thanksgiving but the rest of the house I will have decorated for Christmas. Then I will sit back and enjoy the season with my girls and when it get closer I will Christmas shop.
I had great plans for decorating today but my asthma got in the inhaler has not been doing the job so I had to visit the was very expensive since we no longer have insurance. I will have to rest for now until I can breathe a little better...hopefully tomorrow I can get busy.
I have been moving furniture...and moving furniture and..well, you get the picture..this is no fun but things are getting better.
I do not think I can put up the big tree until after Thanksgiving because we need the table in the living room but then I will drag everything out and ect.
I will start showing you pictures as I go along. I bought some things in order to make a Christmas wreathe on my french doors...I will show the progress of it too.
I sure miss my parents now that they are in Florida for the winter. I have spent the summer trying to help them with doctor appointments and such...I think it is quiet now that they are gone...
Well...I will be reading your blogs and stop back for my Christmas decorating...that begins tomorrow. Be blessed...we surly are.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A few more pics of the living room

I didn't get much chance to decorate today since I spent most of the day with my youngest daughter and we just browsed around after we picked up an art project for her home schooling.
We also went to the Homestead...if you have not been there then you must find time to stop by. They had the middle floor of the large building decorated for Christmas and truly it was like a winter wonderland. There was so much glitter and primitive and colonial and was just amazing.
I an ready to put some of the clutter away so maybe tomorrow...well..I have to mow the yard and stop at a Mary Kay Open house because I have to pick up some lotion...then I will try to get the house put
My stitching has come to a halt until I finish decorating...I am missing it.
The snowmen above are on the top of our tv cabinet...they are very mom made them for me.
The angel was a gift from my sister.
I will be around to visit. Be blessed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another wall finished...for now.

I have been working on putting my living room back know..put things away..get things out...what a mess that creates. lol anyways this is the wall behind the sofa...just a few snowmen were added to the shelf.
I am leaving all my Thanksgiving decorations out on the mantle...and the kitchen...the computer room and the back porch. I am redecorating the bathroom...time to put out the winter things.
I do have a few cross stitch finishes I just haven't had time to iron them so I can get a picture..but tomorrow is another day.
I helped dh unload his truck and a 16 ft. trailer full of wood so then I decided the decorating was done for today. Anyways, I will keep you posted on any changes. Until then, Be blessed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Changing a few decorations and some paint too. seems like I have been so busy but I don't have as much done as I would like. The weather today was sunny and cool with a few rain drop in the early morning.
I was tired of my red walls and decided to go with a buttery yellow. I have never had yellow before but I have seen it on many blogs and magazines so I decided to try it.I made 3 trips to get different test cans of different yellow paint. Once I choose one my mother came over and we spent parts of two days painting. Let me tell was such a change. During the day the yellow was wonderful but Oh at night...well..even my teens had to after much frustrationa and time and is painted red again...a little different shade but indeed red. lol now that is just no fun.
Anyways we moved three rooms of sofas and love that the furniture is where it is suppose to be...I thought I would share just a couple snaps because I just don't have the whole room decorated as of today.

This is a little closer view of the corner of my living room...

This gives you an idea of the room with the furniture. This is my new from Craig's was a real deal and a fun trip. It is a red checked with lots of soft wonderful pillow. I have a sofa and love seat but I am still looking for a chair to go with it.

I am hanging a quilt behind the sofa and then have to decorate the shelf...hopefully tomorrow that will be done too. Until then, be blessed

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am so thankful that halloween is over...I was so tired of all the hype and all the scary images on so many I am not a fan of anything scary. I guess I think life is scary enough without add to it.
The last three days I have been working on painting my living room...I tested 4 different shades of yellow...bought the paint...trimmed..painted..waited two days...I hated it. I have 5 large windows in that room and well let's just say it was glowing...
So yesterday...I again bought 2 gallons of paint and started again. It has been a lot of work...and very frustrating...but I did get the walls done and trimmed until I ran out of paint. I need about a quart and then I can finish.
We got some different furniture so the living room furniture went to the computer room...the new furniture went to the living room and the computer room furniture went to out home school/living room. That was three sets of sofas, love seats and chairs. Good thing my dh is used to me moving things
I have been busy trying to get things organized around here and helping my parents get to their doctor appointments before they leave for Florida.
I will post some pictures of some stitching I have completed and some I have started and of the new room arrangements. Until then, be blessed.