Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Chrstmas decorations up...more to come.

This is where I started the day...just an old box and a quilt. As you can see the Christmas tree box has been through the mill...we found it in the trash when one of our renters left. Let me tell you I was a happy girl when I found this silver tree. My grandma always had a silver tree and I have wanted one for years.

This is not our Christmas tree for presents...this is just a decoration for this room. Our actual tree will not go up until after Thanksgiving. My room is a moss tree but you just can not tell the color in this picture. I also on the shelf but the pictures were blurry so I will have to take a few more and you will have to watch for them.
This is our computer room so now you can see where I am when I am reading all your I did put together a wreath to match the swag but again the pictures were not clear so that will have to be another day.
My back porch is coming along and the living room is ..well...a I have changed my decorating style for Christmas. For some reason I am into glitter this year. I want everything to sparkle. I think this has something to do with the new job or something. Anyways, hope you enjoy so far...more tomorrow. Be blessed, we are.


Linda said...

Love your tree. My mom had one quite similar. Can't wait to decorate.

Busym1 said...

Oh, your tree brings back some great memories of my brother and I when we were little! WE loved our silver tree! Hugs, michelle

Loraine said...

Good for you starting early! I love the silver glitter tree. I want one of those in my front room this year, with pink and lime green ornies!
Take CARE.

Linda said...

Your trees is so pretty! My auntie had one and seeing yours brought back many happy memories....hugs, Linda

Pumpkin said...

You're definitely ahead of the game :o) Can't wait to see more.