Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Wall Grouping!

Happy Sunday!!! I hope you have had great Sunday Service!!!
I have been doing a little redecorating this week and I wanted to share my grouping behind the sofa. I took one picture so you could see the grouping better and one so you could see the sofa with it! I adore the geraniums in the basket and no I did not make this one.....but I love it. I would love to have a little candle glowing on the shelf but i do not want a cord hanging down the wall so this will have to do until I hang up a quilt which will probably be next fall.
I am also working in our "party room". It used to be our home schooling room and now the girls use it for when their friends come over. I will share the pictures once I have everything hung on the walls...painting in that room is done now it is just the fun stuff.
I steamed clean the carpets on Friday...they look much better but I do not like the smell of the cleaner so I am burning vanilla candles to try to rid my home of the smell...yuck!
I have much more to show you very soon but for blessed.
(ps...if you want to see a video that will move you to tears and make you think about the times we live in...go to and search beware run. It was the day after September 11th.)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little House project started

As promised I wanted to share what I have done on the Little House, Battle Hymn of the Republic. It would not take long to finish it so...I will try to spend a few evenings working on it.
It has been very busy here and I know many of you are busy too. I did alittle mowing last night and I finished cleaning the it just needs swept so that is a good job to have done. I am tackling the garage next and at least I will have help with that!
I have been visiting and it is so nice to see what you are up too...lots of fall projects getting started but I am still stuck with my little patriotic stitching but I hope to get started again later in the summer.
Oh...yes I know glory was suppose to be in blue but I wanted it to stand out so I tried a sparkly thread and I think it works. Until next time, be blessed.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A touch of spring!!

I have a cross stitch new design I had been working on that I will share tomorrow but for today...a touch of spring.

I have some images of spring from around our yard...there were so many to choose from that I think I went a little crazy but I hope you enjoy seeing our little surroundings! Be Blessed

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring...projects..and more.

wow! I guess I forgot to blog. I thought of you many times but I just did not take the time to write to each of you. I have been visiting and many of you are so busy. i am amazed at how many of you have flowers blooming and then others have fun is that? I have been seeing so many new patterns to stitch but right now my time is the middle of June I am hoping to pick my needle back up and stitch away.
I have been painting and painting...4 days to be exact...but the room is finally painted and trimmed and today I even moved around some furniture but then...welll...I am tired so I stopped.
I will get a little help to move a few more things around and then I will post some pictures. I must admit it has turned out different than I had planned. I used Shagreen (color from Sherwin Williams but bought the paint at Lowes). It was a little different on the walls than on the swatch but I have grown to like it and I even bought a few items to go in that room. I am hoping to make the rest!!!
It has been a cool spring so far and that is good because I really am not ready to spend hours working out there until I am done with this room...and the garage is next!
I have so many meetings this week and then I have some other does that happen??? I hate meetings and I have three for this week! It seems like some people love to go and chew everything over and over and over but...not me I say get started and get it done and stop talking about it!!!
My parents have returned from their Florida home and are now at their Ohio home for the next 6 months. We are happy they are here but really I am sure they are freezing since some of our weather has been in the 30's at night!
Well, I am feeling inspired so I have been sketching a few designs for my wool wall hangings, I will keep you posted about to.

And as soon as I get more energy I will post my progress on my cross stitching! I will be visiting....until next time, be blessed!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Big Thank you

Tracey and I Stitch Therefore I Am...was having a give away for this sweet pattern and I won. Thank you, Tracey! I will start stitching again after this graduation party stuff is over!!! You are generous!
I have two meetings tonight and those of you who know me know that I do not like to get tangled up in meetings..just too boring for me!!! But I will be attending with a smile....because that is the right thing!!
It is very cold today...back to the 30s later today so I started the outside stove again so we would be more comfortable. I have been reading many of your blogs but have not left many comments, I will try to do better about that!
Blessings to your day!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A touch of Spring

A few spring magnolia tree is in bloom...the spring bulbs are starting to shine and an Easter is good!

Thank You Lord!!!!!!!!!! Update....

We had some GREAT news today.....dh doesn't even know it yet!!! Just wanted to say that prayer changes things....I am so happy and feeling blessed!
This is so exciting....we have been trying to get out taxes done for the last 3 weeks. They keep finding problem after problem..(we own rentals and there is a lot of paper work). Our CPA has been telling us that we were going to owe about $2600....what???? We have never had to pay that kind of tax...we get refunds...and my dh lost his job for 4 months last year...we made less than ever...
After working on them ...he called and said we owed a little way!!
Today, the secretary called and said our taxes had been through proof and they were done...I said..give me the numbers......the CPA got on the phone and said there had been a little mistake and said that not only are we not paying...they owe us a large refund!!!
Yes, Praise the Lord!!!! I thought about freaking out but what good would that do??lol So, tomorrow we sign our taxes and I am hoping they are correct this time!!!!
We are talking about finding a new tax man for next year...scary... God answers our prayers even if they are about taxes!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Confessions and a New Start....

"When we react to the drama it doesn't get us anywhere"...Laura Munson.

I saw her interviewed this morning and I thought this statement is so true. I have not read her book nor have I ever even heard of her before but this statement, well, it rang in my ears.
I live in a family full of drama that never ends. My siblings have had issues for almost 30 years. Someone is always mad, upset, not speaking, spreading lies or twisting the truth....and I have had enough.
I think this statement really is so enlightening. I have disengaged from the drama by choice. I think you do have a choice, whether you are the person causing the drama or the person that seems to be the brunt.
You must make a decision to disengage from what you have always known and step out in faith that it is wrong and very destructive. Once I decided to disengage it is like starting down a new hiking trail. There is the unknown, the bumps and the beauty of making it to the end of the hike..success.
Now, I am not saying I have made it to the end of this,no, has only been 11 months since I separated myself from the drama. There are many more hurdles..we still share parents..I still have nieces and nephews that I miss. But this is real life not tv. There are consequences when you make decisions. You have to decide what you can and can't live with and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there. The truth isn't isn't in a family full of drama is stressful, tiring, and it steals your life....I have regained myself as I have lost ones that I love...I have found myself and I am not going back.
I am focusing on my children, my husband, my parents and the one sibling(and her family) that still speaks to me. I am okay with that.
We all make choices and I have made mine. Does it sound harsh??? If you knew what I had been through you would wonder why I put up with it for this long. If you still think I am being have the right to your own opinion.
I feel like it has been a long season of winter...but when I saw spring well forget winter....Ya baby...renewal, start.
Thank you all who are my followers...if you have made it this far..thank you. I am remaking my life and I am happy you are here! If you are in a situation like't walk....away from will be painful but the rewards are worth it. Recapture your life and cherish it...we are not promised tomorrow, but we have today.