Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring...projects..and more.

wow! I guess I forgot to blog. I thought of you many times but I just did not take the time to write to each of you. I have been visiting and many of you are so busy. i am amazed at how many of you have flowers blooming and then others have fun is that? I have been seeing so many new patterns to stitch but right now my time is the middle of June I am hoping to pick my needle back up and stitch away.
I have been painting and painting...4 days to be exact...but the room is finally painted and trimmed and today I even moved around some furniture but then...welll...I am tired so I stopped.
I will get a little help to move a few more things around and then I will post some pictures. I must admit it has turned out different than I had planned. I used Shagreen (color from Sherwin Williams but bought the paint at Lowes). It was a little different on the walls than on the swatch but I have grown to like it and I even bought a few items to go in that room. I am hoping to make the rest!!!
It has been a cool spring so far and that is good because I really am not ready to spend hours working out there until I am done with this room...and the garage is next!
I have so many meetings this week and then I have some other does that happen??? I hate meetings and I have three for this week! It seems like some people love to go and chew everything over and over and over but...not me I say get started and get it done and stop talking about it!!!
My parents have returned from their Florida home and are now at their Ohio home for the next 6 months. We are happy they are here but really I am sure they are freezing since some of our weather has been in the 30's at night!
Well, I am feeling inspired so I have been sketching a few designs for my wool wall hangings, I will keep you posted about to.

And as soon as I get more energy I will post my progress on my cross stitching! I will be visiting....until next time, be blessed!

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