Monday, January 26, 2015

It is too Early for Spring Fever!

 Today we woke up to a little more snow, maybe 6 inches but nothing like last year. You can see the footsteps hubby made when he left for work.
So I decided to work on a few small projects. This little jewelry box was so dated so I painted it..
I loved the purple on the front but that dark gray was just to much for me so after looking at it for a white I decided to repaint it.
This is so much better for our spring sale. Once it is dry I will put the drawers back in and maybe do some stenciling.
And because I have spring fever I decided to make a butterfly house..VB style. It is not quite done but I need to look for a few more supplies before I continue. It is actually more teal than the picture shows and lighter as well but you get the idea.
Then I rolled all the paper that I cut yesterday afternoon...I is so pretty...I think I am going to let it hang on my wall until May...who knows I might just keep it! I have much more to do yet today so until tomorrow!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Spring Thoughts!

 Dear Friends, I have started to dream of Spring! Yesterday I pulled out some of my items that have yellow in them and placed them in my Mom's cabinet that it in Vyntage Barn. this is just a little taste of what is to come but I wanted to share anyways.
  We still have 2 more pieces of furniture to deliver and then all the sold pieces will be gone. We will be moving the remaining pieces into their new spot sometime this weekend. I have some ideas for colors themes this year and I can't wait for our new rugs to come so I can confirm my ideas.
  With Mother's Day weekend as our target date to open I can just imagine the tulips and the green grass and a soft breeze in the air. When I work in Vyntage Barn I can start the feel the excitement of a new beginning. I am going to fill up the front buffet with pink tulips and a pink rug and so much more...when my new decor starts to ship I will be smiling even in the midst of winter. I feel close to Mom when we get to Mother's Day...and I am thankful that I am a Mother as well....I am blessed and I know it. I am thankful everyday...I am thankful today...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Projects have been started!

Hi Friends, I have been working on a few projects for Vyntage Barn. We will be opening Mother's Day weekend so I am painting a few things with much lighter colors. This cute drawer was painted with Martha Stewart distressing paint then of course I stenciled it with white craft paint. I then distressed it, BTW it was black to begin with!
  I have some colors in mind for our May thru August sales so that will make it easy to do some of the projects early. I do have a few pieces of furniture purchased but I won't start painting them until March or early April!
  I have all the Christmas items put away and my sales tax report done so now I can relax and wait for the new items to be shipped while I work on the fun stuff! I will keep you posted on some of my projects!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Thoughts and Recap

Oh Dear Friends, Things have been so wonderfully busy. With Christmas and New Years and family and friends...what a wonderful time of joy. I have not shared much since I have been spending time with my family and friends but I have not forgotten you.
   I started taking down my decorations and I knew that most you had not seen so I know it is a little late but I wanted to share anyways.
  I love this little santa and our entire kitchen tree was covered with them!
I had felted balls as well..and a decoration from a friend as well.
OMG, don;t you love him. He reminds me of the Dentist on the Island of Misfit toys.

My kitchen was filled with fun and whimsy this year. I had many items with red, teal and white. They were fun and cheerful and yet seasonal as well.

I did not want to take them down this soon but as a late Christmas present we are having a cleaning service come and detail the house so I had to begin so they didn't clean around all my decor.
Our white tree was just as pretty dressed it different colors this year as well.
And of course some of my regular decorations made their way onto the mantle as well.
The foyer was so cozy and full of trees this year as well. My thoughts were of my Mom as I took Christmas down. She bought the three trees for me and made so many of my decorations as well. She was a shiny star at Christmas...she adored getting gifts for each of us, always with deep thoughts and love. Oh how I miss her...every day.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Decided to take the day to rest. Thought I would share a few random pictures.