Monday, January 26, 2015

It is too Early for Spring Fever!

 Today we woke up to a little more snow, maybe 6 inches but nothing like last year. You can see the footsteps hubby made when he left for work.
So I decided to work on a few small projects. This little jewelry box was so dated so I painted it..
I loved the purple on the front but that dark gray was just to much for me so after looking at it for a white I decided to repaint it.
This is so much better for our spring sale. Once it is dry I will put the drawers back in and maybe do some stenciling.
And because I have spring fever I decided to make a butterfly house..VB style. It is not quite done but I need to look for a few more supplies before I continue. It is actually more teal than the picture shows and lighter as well but you get the idea.
Then I rolled all the paper that I cut yesterday afternoon...I is so pretty...I think I am going to let it hang on my wall until May...who knows I might just keep it! I have much more to do yet today so until tomorrow!

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Primitive Stars said...

Not early at all, I have the fever already. Love the pieces you have.Blessings Francine.