Monday, September 15, 2014

Before Picture of a Real Beauty

Dear friends, I have been working so hard today. I found this piece at a garage sale and I fell it love with it.  I know it is difficult to tell by my pictures but it is a terrible shade of yellow with gold trim.
 I have decided to keep this one for my living room so we delivered it to our foyer for a make-over. It is not ideal but right now everything is full of furniture for our Christmas Open House in November.
I had already started to take a drawer out before I remembered to take a picture but I wanted you to see the curve in the doors.
This is a little closer so you can see the top trim and the gold as well. It is just a terrible combination but a little paint and it will be as good as gold.
There is a similar trim on the bottom. I spent 5 hours painting today so it no longer looks like this but it is not done.I had two other pieces that needed some attention so I had to stop working on it. I will not have time to finish it tomorrow since I am taking a road trip tomorrow with dd and sil.
   I am excited to get this one done and then I will share it in it's new spot!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Preparing for October

Dear Friends, I have been so busy with the shop that I have not started much of the decorating for our home. There is so much to do and time is growing short for some of the things that I wanted to complete. I am taking a break today to rest and to finish my thoughts.
I am in love with some of the new items for the shop. The black and white look so crisp. I am sure they will be a big hit.

This little chalkboard is just the cutest!!!
I am also in love with this newest clock. I have been waiting on it since last February.  I am going to try to put together the bling for the other part of the shop and then I will share those pictures as well. Spent the day at an auction with my SIL and brother and we could not stop laughing. It was nice that they could go with me since dh was busy. I did purchase a new piece of furniture for my home and I will share it soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Sale!

So it is time!!! Our next sale is fast approaching. tomorrow and Saturday. The temperature is not co operating with 90 in the forecast but the sale goes on either way. My fb page has increased and I seem to have gotten a lot of interest this past month so off we go!
We try to have new and unique items, those one-of-a- kind items that keep everyone wondering what we are up to.
We have started a quilt collection and we are hoping that they love them as much as we do!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Creative Mess!

Oh my word, How can a day of crafting create this mess??? I spent  part of yesterday working on a few Christmas projects and today, well, today I found this mess on my vintage tablecloth. Noooooo , now I have to clean it all up because I am having company tomorrow and Thursday. Anyone want to come and help???

Monday, September 1, 2014

More beginnings!

Hello Dear Friends, I have been getting things ready for the September opening and I thought I would share our newest project. Well, it is the beginning of a new project. My dh has decided to let me use his building for our Christmas Open House.
We are working on getting ready for some insulation so we don't freeze and then we will begin putting up our make-shift walls. I will share more as more happens but I can't tell you how excited I am and how nervous I am. This will expand out selling space and all the fun!
We have spent all weekend working and since it is the end of our summer I guess it was a good weekend to start a fall project.  Can't you just image Christmas tress and twinkling lights??? It has been so hot this weekend that I can't see it at all yet but it will come! What a great hubby! He is so generous and kind. He knows that I am still having such a difficult time without my parents and I know he is putting forth a  lot of effort to help me in the hopes I will start to be my old self. truth is I am not sure I will ever be my old self but with God's help I will be an improved version! Thanks for sticking with me!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Furniture Finishes

A few days ago I shared the dressers that I painted but at the time I forgot to  show you the finished product.
This one is a little larger than the other but it has great curves.I have sprayed it with a light coat of poly in a satin finish. I do have the wax but it seemed like too much work so I opened the spray can and I was done.
The smaller one was so cute and I do think I would sit one on top of the other. I have been working on a few more pieces the last two days as well.
I finished this custom order today and she seems so happy with it. I will be happy to get the space back when it is gone tomorrow.
I am so excited about the desk, I can't wait to see it in the Christmas room...I am dreaming of Christmas already. Since the shipments are arriving daily, no wonder I am dream of Christmas.
  It has gotten to be so hot that I had to put everything away and forget about painting today but that's okay, I could use a break anyways.  Until next time!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A New Sign for Vyntage Barn, New Beginnings

Well, this morning my dh and I decided to put the new sign in place. It was pretty humid but we decided to tackle it anyways. I actually had a reason for wanting to put it up today. I knew that today was the anniversary of Mom entering  the gates of Heaven.She began her new journey today, 3 years ago and I wanted to celebrate a new beginning with her. I would not have the business that I have today without her help in so many ways. She always gave her all, she was a giver and even in death she gave her three children a new beginning. We were so blessed by her and I wanted my sign to go up to  give her the credit she deserved. I wanted something happy to happen on this heartbreaking day. My Mom started her new journey and I too have started a new journey.

I had a green fence that was leaning against my house. I loved it but I just could not see my sign being green. I had a lady stop at the shop and she said she couldn't believe my sign wasn't either! So the fence became pink and it is so much better.

Our new sign is so much better than the old sign. The black post help to set off the lettering.
We made a mold for the bottom of the posts and it will have to stay on until tomorrow.
DH had the holes ready about 37 inches deep.

We added quikrete to make sure everything stays in place.

I am loving the new look. You can see the old sign in the background.
As you can see, my sign had seen better days. As the days got warmer the paint decided to peel at an alarming rate. I was afraid to wait any longer. The original idea was to reveal it in October but when I thought about using as a celebration and tribute to my Mom, well, I knew today was the day.
I had a few decorations up but they will be moving over to the other sign tomorrow.Not sure what is staying and what is going right now.
  So, Mom, if you can sense anything about this world then I hope you are feeling the love love is as strong as ever and I will continue to hold you dear until we meet again.