Friday, October 23, 2009

Candy Buckeyes

Round up some helpers...(two of our teenage girls)

Gather up all your supplies...

Mix it up...with your hands....

Melt your chocolate...

Make sure you have all you mixture into nice round balls...using a toothpick dunk each one into the chocolate until there is just a small amount not covered.

This is my Mothers recipe...
3 Lbs. powered sugar
2 lbs. peanut butter
1 lb. margarine (room temperature)

Mix with hands till creamy and form into balls...chill.

Mix in double boiler 1 1/2 large hershey bars and I slab of parafin.

It is just that simple...a little time consuming but simple.
Mine are now in the freezer just waiting for the Holidays to begin. What a wonderful thought! Be Blessed. Dianntha

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall in all its' glory!

Yesterday as I left my driveway I noticed that the tree out front was in all its' glory so this morning I stood on the front porch and snapped a couple of pictures.
The large shadow is actually the house casting a shadow from the sun..but the tree is beautiful either way.
I think I might get a picture of the trees down the driveway too...they are pretty and golden. I guess if I want some red color I need to plant some trees for myself. LOL
I have been busy with the girls and the rentals but not with anything fun...but maybe tonight I will get a chance to work on something I can show you.
We are going to my mothers house on Friday to make Buckeyes and I will make sure to take my camera then.
I am hoping to make it to the cross stitch store because I need some material but I don't is 45 minutes away and I will be pressed for time tomorrow...we will see if I make it. Take care and be blessed. Hope your enjoyed our tree..she is lovely.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Homemade hot chocolate mix

It has been so cold here that I decided to mix up a batch of homemade hot
chocolate. It is super simple and my teens love it.
In a large bowl mix together 1 lb of powdered suger, one lb. of powered milk, 1 lb. of choc. mix drink, and one lb. of coffee creamer.

Mix it all together...

Place it into a nice jar or container...and you are ready to go. We usually put 2 teaspoons in each cup...but of course you can put in to taste.
This mix disappears on cold days...I love adding a few mini marshmellows and there you have it. ( I am mixing up a double batch as you can see from the pictures)
I have been working on my Moonlit Garden and hope to have it completed this weekend. I am planning on starting another fall design before I move on to Christmas so I had better get it finished soon. LOL
I know that JoAnne Fabrics is having a sale on the DMC floss this weekend. It is buy 3 get one free...I plan on stocking up a little but the last few things I have stitched I have used the Weeks thread...I love it but I don't love the cost. The Christmas design I am starting will have to be in DMC because it is a big design and it would cost to much to use any other threads!
I will be around to visit all of you. Be blessed.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

An update on my stitching projects..

I wanted to share a picture of my Moonlit Garden since I have been getting little snippets of time to work on it. I do think it is such a wonderful design and fun to stitch. I am ready to get it finished and hang up since I have one more to do before I start Christmas stitching. Seems like the fall is passing so quickly and yet August just drug on and on.

This is the display for Operation Christmas Child that is starting at our church. I had to dig out some of my Christmas stuff so that it would be festive. We usually send about 200 boxes filled to the brim with items for the children. This is a program through the Billy Graham Ministry.

This is about the size pillow form I am going to use to make the pillow out of my Noah"s ark cross stitch. I think it will be cute on the bed. I will show you a picture when I get it done.

I have to search through my material until I find what I want to put on the back and sides...then I will get it put together. Hopefully this week I can get that done and on to something else.
I will be around to visit all of your wonderful blogs and all your fall decorations too. I still have not decided about my front porch but I had better do it soon! Be blessed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it too early for reindeer???

I found this pattern in the Holiday Crafts magazine. The pictures have a glare but the deer are a chocolate brown with a light blue background and lots of snowflakes too. I have been working on them..when I got the done I had wished I had done them in silhouette using black and white..I think it would have been wonderful. Well, maybe when I get more time I will try one like that. The frames were $3 at wally world and I really didn't want the glass but since it is paper and in a bathroom I decided it would be good to leave the glass there.
I am still working on the cross stitch and have the house almost done...I will post a pic tomorrow of that. you think it is too early to hang my reindeer??? I want to hang them in the bathroom...but for now they are on the shelf...Blessings.