Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it too early for reindeer???

I found this pattern in the Holiday Crafts magazine. The pictures have a glare but the deer are a chocolate brown with a light blue background and lots of snowflakes too. I have been working on them..when I got the done I had wished I had done them in silhouette using black and white..I think it would have been wonderful. Well, maybe when I get more time I will try one like that. The frames were $3 at wally world and I really didn't want the glass but since it is paper and in a bathroom I decided it would be good to leave the glass there.
I am still working on the cross stitch and have the house almost done...I will post a pic tomorrow of that. you think it is too early to hang my reindeer??? I want to hang them in the bathroom...but for now they are on the shelf...Blessings.


Loraine said...

They are great! Thanks for sharing, what a fun project

Leslie said...

They are very cute! But yes, a little early! LOL


Lili said...

Never to early for reindeer! Reindeer should decorate a home all year long, IMO!
Very sweet!

Meggie said...

Hey Dianntha! Thanks for your very sweet email. No, it's never too late for reindeer! They are lovely...hang them soon.

Farmchick said...

Too cute!! I think if they make you happy...hang them whenever you want! :)

Parsley said...

Oh...I love the reindeer. I'd keep them up all fall and winter if they were mine.

Nice to visit your blog.

Gumbo Lily said...

I like the reindeer a lot.

Diana said...

These are really special. I love them! I am never clever enough to think of something like this. They look wonderful framed.

Michele said...

Being a huge reindeer fan, I too think it's never too early!!! They are lovely! I'd like to copy what you did .. what magazine did you get the idea from?

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment :) I've really enjoyed your blog .. and know I'll be back :)