Monday, January 31, 2011

Calm before the storm

It is sunny and beautiful here this morning. It is cold...15 degrees but cold is okay. We are suppose to get 1/2 inch of ice and then about 8 inches of snow. We are as prepared as we can be. We have the generator tested and batteries ready. I have candles and some food stored up. I am hoping that it won't be as bad as they are predicting...maybe we won't lose our power...praying that we will be fine.
 But for today I am headed to work, we are suppose to be at a Bridal show on Tuesday night...right as the storm is on top of our area...uhhhh..we will see what happens. But for today, all is well...enjoying some breakfast with my youngest daughter!!! Be blessed

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have You Met a Quack????

Have you ever met a quack??? Well, Friday we met a very expensive one. Remember I said we were taking our dd to see a specialist about her finger..hence a quack. Her poor finger will not bend and it is now three weeks since it started hurting. This doctor told us to ice it and use Aleve and in 5 days it would be fine....really????
 I tried to find out what the image is that I can see on the x-ray...he says...just inflammation. No bone chips, no calcium problems. So after more x-rays,  a very long trip to his office and an expensive office visit there are still no answers. Yes, we are using ice and she took Aleve. Do I think she will be fine in 5 He says in three weeks he would give her a shot of a steroid if it still won't thanks. We won't be making a trip back. I am so....disappointed, stressed and sad and maybe mad. But for the grace of God....we will take this as a curve in the road and continue on the journey to find some answers. I am sure you can hear my frustration but I know that as mothers we just want to be able to fix whatever is wrong for our children but of course that is so silly.
 I did put supper in the crock pot, dessert( which I can not eat) in another crock pot,,,I swept the floor, went to the grocery, washed and dried 2 loads, and carried items to the basement. There is one thing about being frustrated...I use that energy in other ways. So...I am thinking of digging out a new project to work on.
 If you have made it this far with me...thank you...and sorry to be complaining!
 I found some wonderful dishes that would fit into many of our kitchens. They are called Penny Lane by Park Designs...they are so wonderful.
They would fit into my kitchen but I am holding off until I see what we are going to do as far as a make-over  but they were a delight to see in person.
 Hope your Saturday is going we and I look forward to Sunday for some words of encouragement. Until next blessed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally it is back!!!!

 Well...finally my wool fireplace runner is back. I decided yesterday to put a few new nails in the mantle and hang it up for the season. I am hoping that it will hang here until autumn which will be until September. I am so happy with the way it looks. This may be the most difficult one I have made. It might have been because of the size or maybe just because the stem was so wavy but either way I am delighted with it and I am hanging it for a while!!
I would love to do a make over on my fireplace but for today I am off to work..until next time, be blessed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little More Snow and Finally a Finish!

 Hello Dear Friends,
 This is pretty much what it has looked like out my back door for the last 30 days. A soft coat of white blankets the trees and shrubs. It really is beautiful but it has been rather chilly most days. I don't mind the cold too much. I am always cold even in the summer so winter isn't really that big of a change for me.
  With the start of February my thoughts are of the last month of winter. Now don't get me wrong, March is winter in Ohio but the snow melts quickly in March and we start to see a little bit of spring so we just have to make it through February.
  Have you noticed all the wonderful ideas that all the blog ladies have been sharing...oh so many for those who decorate for Valentines day. I use to celebrate it with my kids...I would decorate the dining room table and we would do little crafts...well those days are over for us now. I have one child who will graduate from college this May and another who will graduate from high school in June so I am about to turn my thoughts toward that but for now I am enjoying the day at home with my youngest....just being together is great joy.
 For those of you who have been following I did decide to go with the buttons just as many of you suggested. As I was sewing each of them on my thoughts always would turn to our little old neighbor who had taken the time to save each one and I was happy and sad as I thought of the days gone by.
 I have not decided on a backing for this piece just yet but I have started to look around to see if I can find a place to  hang it... I seem to be enjoying the tranquil feel of this winter flower...I hope you love it too.
 We are heading to Columbus this week to see a specialist seems our middle dd can not bend her finger. Yes it seems to be fractured, yes there is a bone chip and there is also a cyst. Now why couldn't it just have been jammed?? Well, we will see where this journey takes us but for today I am resting in the Lord. I am casting my cares upon Him.  Be blessed dear friends.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Wool Project

 This is the project I started a few days ago...but I just have not been that happy with I thought about changing it to this...
Then I am thinking of this....but still unsure. For now I am stitching the pedals into place and I am going to cut new stems. I jut think they could be a little longer. I wanted to add some red but I don't want it to have a Christmas look. I just want it to hang in my living room...happily.  I will keep you updated on that.
 I just finished another project.  This one I saw a-on the Pam Garrison site and I knew I would have to have one for myself. I have not added any berries as of yet but I am thinking of making another one but it will be more glamorous with spray adhesive and tons of glitter...a more vintage look...
 The garland is very long but my doorways are wide and my fireplace is long so I just kept cutting...but for now I am going to work with my flower pattern and try to finish it without any more struggles. I am starting to use more off white in my decor and for the winter it is making me very happy.
  It is cold and snowy here, a great day to stay I am off to do a few chores and then stitching!! Be blessed

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your suggestions would be welcome..please.

 What a wonderful day I had yesterday. I worked at the little gift shop and my daughter brought me a wonderful salad for lunch and spent the evening with my other two  girls. It just doesn't get much better
than that.
 So today we are under a winter storm watch. 3-5 inches are in the forecast. I am hoping it is closer to three. lol Usually I love to bake when we are getting a storm but since I am watching my points right now I am going to try to occupy my time with a wool project. I have all the pieces but out but I needed the material for the background but I did stop and pick that up a few days ago..(remember I am working on destashing) i only purchased the background piece. I will try to take some pics as I work on it.
 I do have a question for all of you. I am thinking of changing out our counter tops...what a difficult choice it is. I would love to tell you that I am going to put on granite but with a price tag of $4000 there is no way I will consider that. Truly if I was going to spend that much I would just replace the
  I am wanting to make the kitchen into an American Farmhouse style. I do have stainless appliances and from there...I want to change the handles, the paint, the decorations, (flooring is done). I am seriously thinking of doing beadboard on the walls??? Maybe 3/4 of the way up??? And the counters...well I have been wrestling with what to do there. I wanted sister has it and it is wonderful but she complains that it streaks and is dusty. I thought about stainless steel but I am worried that it will seem cold....any suggestions??

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Penny Tree

 Hello Friends,
   I have been busy putting all the 2010 Christmas away. I so hate to see it go. I did leave up the foyer garland for now because it is so cheery to see the lights and silver and red balls on these  gloomy Ohio days.
   Yesterday my youngest dd and I made a penny tree. I had purchased a packet that made three ornaments but they were so easy and fun that we decided to go ahead and make our own. I think we made an additional 11 but they are two-sided so really we made 22 and they put them together. One of the things I love was spending time with my dd just listening to music and talking. Another thing was using the old buttons. Our dear old neighbor who passed away had lots of buttons and my mother gave me a tin that she had purchased at her auction. It was kinda fun seeing all the old buttons she had collected and the threads that had been left behind. The wool that we used was from my stash. I am still committed to try to use what I have whether is is wool are cross buying stash.  I am only going to purchase if it is to finish a project but not to start a new one!!!!!! I keep telling myself that!
  We are getting a dusting of snow today and that makes the world so much brighter...wishing you a bright day too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tomorrow is another day!!

Well, dd is feeling better and I am off to bed. I have some goals I am working about you? I have some stitching goals, some kitchen goals and well...other things on my mind. A New Year always brings such hope of change and challenges...hope yours is starting off well. Until tomorrow, be blessed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Curve in the Road..

  Today is January 1st, 2011 and I started my new year off with a child with the flu. She was so miserable for a few hours but is sleeping peacefully now. I had plans to start a new project today and I wanted to take a few pictures to share my child had the flu. I spent the day a little worried but after she started to rest I spent the day with her on the sofa and me in the chair just enjoying being here for her. I was relieved she was better and I didn't feel the need to occupy my time. I spent part of my day reading blogs and getting some ideas for future projects. I did find a few blogs that I found...well.. like they were out of focus. I mean they were so busy that they actually were missing so much about what life is about. As much as I love to make things and to decorate...nothing...I mean nothing, is as important as those other people right here in my own home. And no matter how much I like working on things..or being creative...those things stop when my family needs me.  The days of my family all being together everyday is slowly dwindling. With two in college and one about to graduated from high school..well things are changing. I am changing too but the people who are important to me will forever remain important.
 At the beginning of this new year maybe we really should reevaluate what truly is important and then treat it that way.  We have no promise that the people in our lives will always be here so let us remember to cherish the time we have together. Be blessed.