Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little More Snow and Finally a Finish!

 Hello Dear Friends,
 This is pretty much what it has looked like out my back door for the last 30 days. A soft coat of white blankets the trees and shrubs. It really is beautiful but it has been rather chilly most days. I don't mind the cold too much. I am always cold even in the summer so winter isn't really that big of a change for me.
  With the start of February my thoughts are of the last month of winter. Now don't get me wrong, March is winter in Ohio but the snow melts quickly in March and we start to see a little bit of spring so we just have to make it through February.
  Have you noticed all the wonderful ideas that all the blog ladies have been sharing...oh so many for those who decorate for Valentines day. I use to celebrate it with my kids...I would decorate the dining room table and we would do little crafts...well those days are over for us now. I have one child who will graduate from college this May and another who will graduate from high school in June so I am about to turn my thoughts toward that but for now I am enjoying the day at home with my youngest....just being together is great joy.
 For those of you who have been following I did decide to go with the buttons just as many of you suggested. As I was sewing each of them on my thoughts always would turn to our little old neighbor who had taken the time to save each one and I was happy and sad as I thought of the days gone by.
 I have not decided on a backing for this piece just yet but I have started to look around to see if I can find a place to  hang it... I seem to be enjoying the tranquil feel of this winter flower...I hope you love it too.
 We are heading to Columbus this week to see a specialist ..it seems our middle dd can not bend her finger. Yes it seems to be fractured, yes there is a bone chip and there is also a cyst. Now why couldn't it just have been jammed?? Well, we will see where this journey takes us but for today I am resting in the Lord. I am casting my cares upon Him.  Be blessed dear friends.


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

February, we should see the sun getting a bit warmer! Then March, but Easter is late, so what do you think our we out for a long long winter?

Looks beautiful with the buttons!

Good luck with your dd & thoughts & prayers!

Donetta said...

Oh I so hope that the finger heals well.
Keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ohio ! LOL gotta love it . I have lived here all my life , and it just doesn't change . I am so ready for Spring ! Love your blog ! I love to see what felloe friends are up to and how life in Ohio is for them .

Tolentreasures said...

Love your runner! Same snow here...I am getting tired of it. It is really coming down again now.