Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Curve in the Road..

  Today is January 1st, 2011 and I started my new year off with a child with the flu. She was so miserable for a few hours but is sleeping peacefully now. I had plans to start a new project today and I wanted to take a few pictures to share my child had the flu. I spent the day a little worried but after she started to rest I spent the day with her on the sofa and me in the chair just enjoying being here for her. I was relieved she was better and I didn't feel the need to occupy my time. I spent part of my day reading blogs and getting some ideas for future projects. I did find a few blogs that I found...well.. like they were out of focus. I mean they were so busy that they actually were missing so much about what life is about. As much as I love to make things and to decorate...nothing...I mean nothing, is as important as those other people right here in my own home. And no matter how much I like working on things..or being creative...those things stop when my family needs me.  The days of my family all being together everyday is slowly dwindling. With two in college and one about to graduated from high school..well things are changing. I am changing too but the people who are important to me will forever remain important.
 At the beginning of this new year maybe we really should reevaluate what truly is important and then treat it that way.  We have no promise that the people in our lives will always be here so let us remember to cherish the time we have together. Be blessed.


Meggie said...

Well said, Dianntha! Happy New Year!!

bettyj said...

I agree with you, family is the most important and we need to enjoy every moment.
betty, Through My Back Door

Linda said...

I agree, there is nothing more important then are loved ones.. I hope your DD is feeling better...hugs, Linda