Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tree talk...signs of spring

I took an up-close picture of the blooms that are about to happen. I thought it was so lovely that I just had to share. I have four of these trees and when they bloom I will get a picture so you can see them. These are the trees that surround my outdoor room so it feels nice and cozy. They are on both sides of our pear tree.

Our pear tree is just full of blooms and is a promise for a full pear crop this year. Last year while it was in full bloom we had a killing frost and so there was no crop at all. This tree is on the north side of our home and it looks like I will have plenty of pears to make pear sauce this year.

 This is a look at a tree on the south side of our home. It is standing proud and so full of blooms like it is in full worship of its' maker.  It was rainy here yesterday so I spent all day doing household chores. Today the sun is shining and I am off to take my dd to piano lessons and then maybe we will mow the yard. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tree hair cuts and a blossom

    Well the weather here is nice..sunny and mild. But great for spring in Ohio. But my chiropractor has put me on restrictions for a few days...I think digging out all those strubs was just too much. I must admit I am so bored...I really want to be doing something outside. I even stopped at a local store to see about purchasing a grapevine wreath for above the fireplace in my bedroom...welll I found it for $10.50 and I thought that was just too much money so I passed it by until I shop around a little. I am sharing a peek at the trees with their new hair cuts. What do you think?    I also wanted to share a pic of the bloom on my magnolia tree. It was so beautiful and it doesn't show in the pic...but the smell was awesome.    I did stop and purchase a new magazine to look out for the evening since I am struggling to sit still...    Well, while my family is gone I am going to take a nice hot shower and tree to find a nice firm chair to sit in...I hope you have an enjoyable evening!   

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pictures to go with yesterdays post

Once all the limbs were cut we hauled all the brush out back to be burnt. We will have to wait till the wind is in just the right direction before we start this fire.

Once my tree trimmers starting cutting down the tree above our fence..the fence took a big hit. That's okay since we were going to replace it this year anyways.This pic is where the fence was standing...I tore out all that I could,now dh will have to finish the rest. We do not have the new fence painted yet so it will be a few days before we have this job complete. I will post pics when it is done. Before the fence was down I had some shrubs in front of it but I moved them to another area so I could relandscape in front of the fence. Any suggestions? I was thinking about day lilites..which I love.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking the fence down

Today I decided it was time to work on taking down our fence. When they were trimming the trees some of the branches fell on top of the fence and well...you can see what kind of mess we had. So today I worked on taking down all the old parts except the posts. We have new sections to go up so I thought why not. It didn't really take that long.. a few hours and then I dug out all the shrubs because I decided to completely revamp my flower bed.
I also am posting pics of the trees after their hair cut and then a large pile of all the branches...what a fire that will be.
It was beautiful outside and I spent all day working on the back area. As soon as I am done here I am taking a book and heading to the porch to enjoy this evening of peace and quiet. With everyone gone I can get caught up on my reading...I am a chapter behind right now. Hope you are having an enjoyable evening!
Bother...I can't get the pics to load...I will try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tree trimmers

My dad bought a bucket truck and now believes he is a tree trimmer! He has spent the last two days trimming all the trees at my house. I wasn't too wild about it to begin with but now that I am use to seeing them trimmed I guess they look okay. They will look better in about two years...LOL.
When my dh got home from work he climbed into the bucket truck and had his turn an trimming too...men!
There are some places that do look much better...we had two overgrown shrubs..and we know what HGTV says about that...so out they came. When I came home they were gone and boy did it look better without them. Yesterday Dad trimmed for about 3 hrs and then dh trimmed for another 2. My mom and two of the girls and I loaded the trailer and unloaded the trailer the entire time. It sure is a good way to burn calories!
I will post a picture of all the brush we carried...it really was alot of work.
But since it is late I will just post two...one of my dad trimming and the other of my dh. I know they aren't the best pics but you get the idea!
So much to tell you and so many pics to share, I will post more tomorrow!
I think it is suppose to rain tomorrow so I will have more time to share.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of those days

Did you ever have one of those days where everything you tryed to do went wrong? Well, today was that day for me. I was out walking and I saw the farmer from the field next to our house put trash in our yard. He must have assumed it came from our house...but it didn't. When we had a strong wind last week it blew a large box about a quarter mile across the field from one of the neighbors. I wasn't too happy but I kept on walking.
Next I was going to move the mower closer to the shed...but when I started it...it ran out of gas....so off to get some gas from uptown. When I got home, I fueled the mower...that's when I noticed that the mower had a flat tire! Okay, I gave up...I took a shower and sat in the nice warm breeze for a while. It was so nice and warm that I just soaked up a few rays as I calmly enjoyed an hour of peace and quiet. I guess that is what I was suppose to do, and I did really enjoy it.
I wanted to share a few pic but the camera battery is dead so I will share a picture of the newest addition to my bathroom. Remember when I was painting and decorating the bathroom it was close to the holidays so I just put our my seasonal things. Right now the walls are a little bare so I found this wonderful planter on sale for 1/2 off and I knew it was just the thing. It is really heavy so I had to make sure the nail could hold it but I do like it alot.
Hope your day is going well....I am enjoying mine...I've decided to go visiting in blog land so see you soon.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More bedroom pics

My mother and I took our eldest daughter shopping in Columbus yesterday. It was her birthday and all she wanted was clothes. That lucky girl found some of the cutest stuff....I think she was happy with her treasures. We then went back to my mothers house and had dinner before we finally came home. It is nice being able to take one child with you to spend the day laughing and talking....the other two  had to spend the day at home! Our daughter is now 20 and I don't know where the time has gone. I so enjoyed having her home while we home schooled her and now she is in her second year of college and thriving, but I miss her so much every day! I wanted to show you a close-up of the oak headboard...the wood carvings are so beautiful. I have finished another area of the room so I will post it too. I have yet to decorated the fireplace...I just have not found what I want to hang over the mantle so I won't post the fireplace until I have it decorated! I am showing the top of the wardrobe...just a few simple things to share there. I do have close ups of the end stands if anyone is interested I will post them too. The weather here is cold and rainy today. Not really much like spring. We are headed back to my parents house because today is my Dads birthday and we are having a dinner and one main present which I have at my house. So today will be another busy day. So many of you are posting such beautiful spring pictures...please continue to do so...it keeps me encouraged that spring truly is on the way. Until next time. 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bedroom makeover

Well, I am finally back with some pics of my progress in the bedroom make-over.
I did finish the room in chocolate brown and a dark taupe...the molding is white and the ceiling is a dove white. I actually had all the paint on hand just had to buy another gallon of the taupe from Lowes. The only other thing I puchased for this room was the headboard. I went to a local antique shop and found this oak headboard and footboard but as it turns out I am storing the footboard for a later time and only going to use the headboard in this bedroom. The room just can not handle that much furnitre for now...
All the other furnishings I had on hand so all I did was sort through what I wanted to use and then get at it...It has taken me a little longer to get things done because my DH came home 2 nights ago and wanted to put up some sections of fencing that I had been wanting...so we spent that day working outside...I will post a pic of that fence later. Yesterday we went on a date for the evening so I only worked on the room for a little while.
The half of the room that you can see is finished...the bedding and sheets I had on hand from my stash of conforters and quilts...so no cost there. I went with a white top sheet and two white pillow cases just to brighten up the room and to tie in the dust ruffle (and the molding too). The two shams are a coloniel blue with brown trim which matches the other side of the comforter.
Now the other side of the room I am still rearranging the furniture so for now it is really about 3/4 done. I wll share more pics when I complete the other side of the room...I may even get to work on that today LOL.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Repairing the bedroom and the painting begins

Our 100 year old house needed a little face lift before the new paint went on. A nice coat of chocolate brown went on two walls and a dark taupe went on the other two. I am going to try to get the decorating done on Thursday but for today I am going to try to push everything in to position so we don't break our toes when we go to bed.

I have not decided for sure what I am going to use on the bed so I guess we will all be waiting to see that...I will let you know.

I have so much to do this week I feel a little overwhelmed. I am trying to just do one thing at a time and when that is finished I move on, but it is so hard to do when your bedroom is in a redecorating stage it seems like the rest of the house fall into confusion. What is that all about anyways?

Hopefully I will have more picks tomorrow.