Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tree hair cuts and a blossom

    Well the weather here is nice..sunny and mild. But great for spring in Ohio. But my chiropractor has put me on restrictions for a few days...I think digging out all those strubs was just too much. I must admit I am so bored...I really want to be doing something outside. I even stopped at a local store to see about purchasing a grapevine wreath for above the fireplace in my bedroom...welll I found it for $10.50 and I thought that was just too much money so I passed it by until I shop around a little. I am sharing a peek at the trees with their new hair cuts. What do you think?    I also wanted to share a pic of the bloom on my magnolia tree. It was so beautiful and it doesn't show in the pic...but the smell was awesome.    I did stop and purchase a new magazine to look out for the evening since I am struggling to sit still...    Well, while my family is gone I am going to take a nice hot shower and tree to find a nice firm chair to sit in...I hope you have an enjoyable evening!   


Storybook Woods said...

Is that light fixture yours ? Beaytiful !!! Clarice

Meggie said...

I bet that magnolia tree is gorgeous...the bloom certainly is. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well after all your yardwork and pruning. Take it easy...try to rest a bit...easier said than done, especially at this time of the year.

Linda said...

The magnolia bloom is gorgeous and I can only imagine how wonderful it's fragrance must be. Oh, I'm sorry you overdid. Take care and feel better soon. Hugs, Linda