Thursday, January 30, 2014

Making Progress

Just stopping by for a minute. I know some of you have asked what I am up to and I guess I have been so busy. It has snowed so much here and part of the time it is too cold to leave the house. I have been going to auctions picking for Vyntage Barn. I have so much to share but I can't make it out to my shed until the weather is above zero!
  I have been picking up furniture and littles and I am excited to share. I have been planning so many things for the business, I have much to do and finally I will get some  finished soon.
 I will be visiting you!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Few New Starts!

Well, I could show you pictures of the snow and show you how low the temperature is and blahhhh..nope I want to move on to a new topic since I am sick of hearing about the weather. Let's face it, it's winter in Ohio, enough said.
  I have been wanting to work on the furniture I have waiting for me so today I broke open the primer and got started. This is where we started. The table is only getting the legs painted so that is why it is upside down right now.

I could not find my screw driver so I painted the primer around the handles but they are not staying on this piece. I am refinishing the top of the buffet and table so that will happen another day.
In the background you will see a little stand that I primed as well. It needs a little repair but it doesn't hurt to start the primer.
This was the table before the primer. I thought seriously about  refinishing it but wait till you see the next stand I purchased, it has wood inlay and it will be refinished into a real beauty.
  We were at an auction last weekend and I found some new treasures. A few new pieces of furniture for the sale, a few for my sister and maybe a few that will stay in our new country room at Vyntage Barn. It is almost like a treasure hunt but sometimes you run up against a buyer who bids up so high that you just have to let it go. But I am happy with the pieces I did pick up and I will share them later in the spring.
  For today, I am done painting and now I am resting until hubby gets home. Stay warm.
And since I am dreaming of spring I decided to buy a new set of water another 8 weeks I can wear them!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Finish For the Spring Sale and More

Our first new piece for our spring opening is done. The painting has been done but I just had not had time to pick the handles out. The ones I chose give it a cottage feel. I am happy with it and I do believe it will sell quickly.
This is where I started. I knew that I would love it!

I have a new piece to work on. This piece has a a matching table and chairs so it will take a little more time to complete but I would love to keep this set for my dining room. I will share a picture of the table but right now it is upside down so I can work on the legs first!
   I have the craft room almost done as far as stage one...which is getting everything painted and moved intot he room. I believe I have almost everything moved in except for the material. It is a slow process! See you soon.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Taking a Craft Room Break

Taking a break for a couple days from the craft room. Working on Vyntage Barn business.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Slow Progress on the Craft Room

As you know, I have been working on my craft room. I had painted the back of my cupboard  a tiffany's green. I love it but I just could not let it stay, it hurt my it distracted me. I tested a purple. I loved it too but it made me to kinda mellow and that is not what I wanted for a craft room.

So, of course, I broke open the gray and decided that I needed it more neutral so I could add color as I go along. So I spent the day painting again. I am more happy with it and of course the room is a mess again since all the shelves had to be cleared off but at some point it has to get better. I have more furniture that I want to move in but for now I just wish I could finish the painting.
It is getting least I hope so. You will find me in the craft room again tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Continue...Craft Room!

  I continue to work on my craft room....very sow going...better but not close. My sil said,  "It is a process." So, today, I work on my craft room!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Finish and a Treasure!

Today I finished the distressing on this dresser and now I am done all but the beauty of the handles. I have to say that I think it turned out perfect.  This is the first piece for the spring sale at Vyntage Barn! I had not planned on finishing it but it went so smoothly I just finished it!!
 When I got it done I decided to work in my (dreaded) craft room when I found a sweet discovery. I was looking through an old sketch book from 1998 and I found tracings of my Mom and Dad's hand prints. They are just precious!! I wanted to cry but I tried to smile at such a sweet surprise! I was going to make Mom a quilt with all our hand prints. She would have loved to have something like.  I am so excited with this discovery! What a nice addition they will be to my craft room.
  My brother stopped over to pick up a few things and I showed him my craft room...he thought I needed to throw some things I already did!!!
   I have about 1/4 of the room to paint and then it will be finished and I can start to organize it. Now what a fun time that will be.I would love to show you a few pictures but honestly I guess I must be too vain because I don't want you to see it in such bad condition!! Until next time!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow brings Memories!

Thought I would share a pic of the is pretty but I am ready for it to be done???
  I have had plans to meet my sister for the last few days but the weather is making it difficult to get that done. Our families exchange gifts but so far this year we have had a hard time making it happen. Thank goodness we do not want to risk injury to get what we want.
  I know that sometimes we have to wait it out. I always miss my Mother at this time of year. I could call Florida and give Dad an update on our weather and I would sent pics to his phone so he could enjoy them with Mom. I would tell Mom about the kids and she would tell me about her paintings.........OH how I miss that. I spoke with them everyday and it has been difficult to fill that void. Their voices ring in my ear and I cherish that memory!!
  My dad gave me the washtub on the porch and I am so happy to have it! It has become part of my sale decorations for Vyntage Barn. They are never far from my heart.

Color Choice

I have started the first piece of the new year! Base coats are on so I decided to let them dry and move over to my craft room for a little white. I painted there for a while but honestly, I ran out of steam and closed the paint.
I am going to need my hubby to do a few things before I do much more painting so instead I am going to enjoy this snowy afternoon and relax. I think I will work on collecting some new ideas.
  I have to decide about my tree but I just do not want to take it down yet...sigh..I know it is almost time.
  Well, be safe!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Piece for the New Year!

Happy New Year.
 I have an order on a piece of furniture so I decided to prime this one while my primer was open.The other piece is a present so I can't show that one but I will after. As far as this one, I love it. I think it will be so beautiful when it is done.I pried the decorative pieces off the top drawer because they were broken but I don't think they are needed since the other detail is so strong!
 I have not decided on a color as of yet so if you have a suggestion let me know! I do have something in mind. I am hoping to get paint on the other piece tomorrow and then I have to finish my craft room.
  Before I broke my wrist I was so excited to get it done but I have lost my excitement now it just seems like a job!!!! Maybe once I get started and I start to remember what I was doing then I will get excited again.
  There is always work to be done so for today I will close and again, color selections are welcome!