Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow brings Memories!

Thought I would share a pic of the is pretty but I am ready for it to be done???
  I have had plans to meet my sister for the last few days but the weather is making it difficult to get that done. Our families exchange gifts but so far this year we have had a hard time making it happen. Thank goodness we do not want to risk injury to get what we want.
  I know that sometimes we have to wait it out. I always miss my Mother at this time of year. I could call Florida and give Dad an update on our weather and I would sent pics to his phone so he could enjoy them with Mom. I would tell Mom about the kids and she would tell me about her paintings.........OH how I miss that. I spoke with them everyday and it has been difficult to fill that void. Their voices ring in my ear and I cherish that memory!!
  My dad gave me the washtub on the porch and I am so happy to have it! It has become part of my sale decorations for Vyntage Barn. They are never far from my heart.

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Angela said...

Love the picture of the snow. The memories we have of our parents are priceless aren't they?
Little happenings in my everyday life find me wanting to tell my Daddy. Don't guess we will ever get use to them not being there to talk to. Hope you get to share gifts with your family soon. Stay warm and cozy, and be careful in the snow. Here in the south we are not use to the white stuff.