Thursday, January 2, 2014

Color Choice

I have started the first piece of the new year! Base coats are on so I decided to let them dry and move over to my craft room for a little white. I painted there for a while but honestly, I ran out of steam and closed the paint.
I am going to need my hubby to do a few things before I do much more painting so instead I am going to enjoy this snowy afternoon and relax. I think I will work on collecting some new ideas.
  I have to decide about my tree but I just do not want to take it down yet...sigh..I know it is almost time.
  Well, be safe!

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Prims By The Water said...

I love the color you chose..just lovely! We have 7 inches of snow and it is still snowing in our part of Michigan. What nice memory of your parents. Happy New Year! Janice