Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Few New Starts!

Well, I could show you pictures of the snow and show you how low the temperature is and blahhhh..nope I want to move on to a new topic since I am sick of hearing about the weather. Let's face it, it's winter in Ohio, enough said.
  I have been wanting to work on the furniture I have waiting for me so today I broke open the primer and got started. This is where we started. The table is only getting the legs painted so that is why it is upside down right now.

I could not find my screw driver so I painted the primer around the handles but they are not staying on this piece. I am refinishing the top of the buffet and table so that will happen another day.
In the background you will see a little stand that I primed as well. It needs a little repair but it doesn't hurt to start the primer.
This was the table before the primer. I thought seriously about  refinishing it but wait till you see the next stand I purchased, it has wood inlay and it will be refinished into a real beauty.
  We were at an auction last weekend and I found some new treasures. A few new pieces of furniture for the sale, a few for my sister and maybe a few that will stay in our new country room at Vyntage Barn. It is almost like a treasure hunt but sometimes you run up against a buyer who bids up so high that you just have to let it go. But I am happy with the pieces I did pick up and I will share them later in the spring.
  For today, I am done painting and now I am resting until hubby gets home. Stay warm.
And since I am dreaming of spring I decided to buy a new set of water boots....in another 8 weeks I can wear them!

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