Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have You Met a Quack????

Have you ever met a quack??? Well, Friday we met a very expensive one. Remember I said we were taking our dd to see a specialist about her finger..hence a quack. Her poor finger will not bend and it is now three weeks since it started hurting. This doctor told us to ice it and use Aleve and in 5 days it would be fine....really????
 I tried to find out what the image is that I can see on the x-ray...he says...just inflammation. No bone chips, no calcium problems. So after more x-rays,  a very long trip to his office and an expensive office visit there are still no answers. Yes, we are using ice and she took Aleve. Do I think she will be fine in 5 He says in three weeks he would give her a shot of a steroid if it still won't thanks. We won't be making a trip back. I am so....disappointed, stressed and sad and maybe mad. But for the grace of God....we will take this as a curve in the road and continue on the journey to find some answers. I am sure you can hear my frustration but I know that as mothers we just want to be able to fix whatever is wrong for our children but of course that is so silly.
 I did put supper in the crock pot, dessert( which I can not eat) in another crock pot,,,I swept the floor, went to the grocery, washed and dried 2 loads, and carried items to the basement. There is one thing about being frustrated...I use that energy in other ways. So...I am thinking of digging out a new project to work on.
 If you have made it this far with me...thank you...and sorry to be complaining!
 I found some wonderful dishes that would fit into many of our kitchens. They are called Penny Lane by Park Designs...they are so wonderful.
They would fit into my kitchen but I am holding off until I see what we are going to do as far as a make-over  but they were a delight to see in person.
 Hope your Saturday is going we and I look forward to Sunday for some words of encouragement. Until next blessed.


Meggie said...

Was the MD an orthopedist? I firmly believe in specialists. A cortisone injection can do a world of good....sometimes. Hope all works out for your dd.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I have seen that line of dishes in a magazine and love it, but we just got a new set of dishes for Christmas (plain Corelle, but I love it) and I will have to wait. I hope you get your set! :)