Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall in all its' glory!

Yesterday as I left my driveway I noticed that the tree out front was in all its' glory so this morning I stood on the front porch and snapped a couple of pictures.
The large shadow is actually the house casting a shadow from the sun..but the tree is beautiful either way.
I think I might get a picture of the trees down the driveway too...they are pretty and golden. I guess if I want some red color I need to plant some trees for myself. LOL
I have been busy with the girls and the rentals but not with anything fun...but maybe tonight I will get a chance to work on something I can show you.
We are going to my mothers house on Friday to make Buckeyes and I will make sure to take my camera then.
I am hoping to make it to the cross stitch store because I need some material but I don't is 45 minutes away and I will be pressed for time tomorrow...we will see if I make it. Take care and be blessed. Hope your enjoyed our tree..she is lovely.


Mary / Mariah said...

I love the fall colors . I also love making buckeyes . Mom and I made them at Christmas time , it was such a joy . Thanks for the reminder .

Tracey said...

Beautiful!! Down here in NC most leaves are just starting to turn- but when they are fully changed count on some pics on my blog!

Alice said...

Tree's are just amazing, are they not. I could never live in a place without them. The colours sure are pretty. Don't know what buckeyes are so I hope to see photos. ; )

Tracey said...

Hi! Thanks for keeping an eye out for me on the BBD list.. and yep the one you are stitching is out of print.. and it's on my wish list! ;) But I refused to pay $25 for it on ebay. lol

BittersweetPunkin said...

Our trees are losing their colors FAST...I need to get out there with my camera too. With all the rain and high winds we've had it won't be too long before the trees are bare. :)

HUGS to you !


Busym1 said...

What pretty trees! Fall is so pretty when it's not pouring rain like here in Pa. last week! Our trees are beautiful too right now! I love buckeyes! My favorite! Michelle

Meggie said...

Your tree is a beauty, Dianntha! Autumn is such a treat for the eyes. I feel sad for folks who don't get to experience this beautiful season.

Lili said...

What a beautiful tree! Thanks for sharing!