Monday, February 2, 2015

I Choose JOY

    This morning I started my morning chores, just a normal Monday. The house was quiet, the dogs were sleeping, the laundry was humming and I was putting the clean clothes away. A normal mundane Monday....but out of least nothing that I am aware of...grief gripped my heart.. That kind of grief where your heart constricts and you are in becomes so strong and overwhelming that it stops you in your tracks....all you can do is walk by faith.
   The only way I can make it through an episode that overtakes me is to BELIEVE there is a time when we will be together....I BELIEVE..what I can not see.
    At this point I have to use my brain and not my heart, I have to talk myself into my faith. I have to remember the verses...remember the promises and CHOOSE JOY. I am happy and joyful instantly..NO. but as the wave of grief passes, as I put a joyful blend of oils into the air, I  am choosing joy...choosing joy...choosing joy.
   My wave of grief passes, but the sorrow of the loss remains. So today, I am choosing joy, I am choosing to do those mundane chores that make our life more comfortable...I choose joy because I have a family that counts on me. I move forward because my FAITH says I will be ok..we will be together...that in the end JOY  wins the race.I must stay the course, finish the race and dream of Heaven. Grief may grip my heart for a while but I am beginning to move past what is and look forward to what is to come....Today, I choose JOY....Thank you LORD for all you have done and continue to do for me....I will step forward into your grace and love when I can't find my path because I know that I can stand on your promises! I feel blessed even now.

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Primitive Stars said...

Hope all is well with you, Joy is a great way to go.Hugs Francine.