Saturday, February 14, 2015

Furniture Finishes!

Well, the dresser is officially drying as we speak. The poly is one and the stain in complete. Next week we will add the rest of the handles and I can call it quits on this dresser. It will be a beauty once the displays are done.
This week I have been on steroids so I have been jittery and sweaty but full of energy so I used it to my advantage and painted 3 days. I have completed 7 pieces of furniture  this week. Some of them are totally done and a few need the finishing touches. I will continue to share as they are completed.
This one is by far one of my favorites and will become a part of Vyntage Barn for now. I will hold so much merchandise  and will look great once I have a chance to push it into place.  I did use chalk paint on this piece so the finish is a flat and will have to be sealed.
I added some detail to this piece and then stain. It is not a very good picture since it is not that dark but you can kinda see what it is becoming. The items inside are just in there for storage not for display just yet.
And since it is Valentines day I thought I would share my beautiful flowers. We are headed out for an overnight date and diner and music so it will be a fun evening.
We will have to fight the weather to get there though. Another cold blast here. minus 25 below zero for the wind chill factor but hubby says, no problem! Oh my.

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Gumbo Lily said...

Really nice pieces. I hope you had a nice Valentine's date.