Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dresser Problems....

Dear Friends, I have been working very long hours trying to replace the 14 pieces of furniture that I sold in November and December. My Hubby brought this piece home to me one day and said it had been sitting in a barn for 10 years...YIKES....
I wanted to start right in but it was in such bad shape I knew it would have to be stripped in some places such as the top in order for it now to show through the paint. I got out my Natural stripper and put a thick coat on top...then I moved on to another piece!
It was pretty much a mess...
But what a beauty it was when I was finished. This has caused such a problem. When I get a piece of furniture I usually have a color in mind from the beginning!
From the very beginning I knew this piece was going to be pink with a white trim...I was dreaming of opening the doors in May and having this piece be a show stopper....Oh Mother's Day...what a hit that would have been. But that was not in the cards. How could I even think about painting the top of this piece????? No way!
So I tried my best to get the pink onto the drawers. First I tired painting pink around the trim on the drawer fronts. It looked so terrible. Then I painted the entire front of the drawers a light chalk paint...terrible. I tried adding a glaze but again...terrible. So I started over and went with a soft white and a stain on the top and the drawers as well. It is now drying and then I will decide if it need another coat of stain before I get out the poly.....WOW this has been a tough one to only turn out to be white...:(.  I will get better pictures when it is completely done.
  On a side note while this one was drying each time I continued to work on other pieces so I actually finished  a different piece, the drawers on a new piece and a dresser with a towel bar is 3/4 of the way done so I didn't waste all that drying time. Today I chose the handles for this piece and will share those as well. So I am making a little progress...but for now...I am tired!
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