Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A touch of spring!!

I have a cross stitch new design I had been working on that I will share tomorrow but for today...a touch of spring.

I have some images of spring from around our yard...there were so many to choose from that I think I went a little crazy but I hope you enjoy seeing our little surroundings! Be Blessed


Meggie said...

Don't ya sometimes feel sorry for folks that don't experience spring time? I do.

Linda said...

You have been blessed with a beautiful spring....I enjoyed all your pictures.

You must be happy to have your parents back from Florida, it's nice to have them close.

Looking forward to seeing your new stitching project...hugs, Linda

Carol said...

I love seeing your spring images! There is just something so hopeful about the season, isn't there...

Looking forward to seeing what stitching you've been up to :)

Priscilla said...

Love the Spring photos,Lovely time of year..watching things grow, and appear.. Thank you for the Idea with the Photo of Ducky! I may do just that!

Have a good weekend
Priscilla x