Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little House project started

As promised I wanted to share what I have done on the Little House, Battle Hymn of the Republic. It would not take long to finish it so...I will try to spend a few evenings working on it.
It has been very busy here and I know many of you are busy too. I did alittle mowing last night and I finished cleaning the it just needs swept so that is a good job to have done. I am tackling the garage next and at least I will have help with that!
I have been visiting and it is so nice to see what you are up too...lots of fall projects getting started but I am still stuck with my little patriotic stitching but I hope to get started again later in the summer.
Oh...yes I know glory was suppose to be in blue but I wanted it to stand out so I tried a sparkly thread and I think it works. Until next time, be blessed.



Lili said...

I like the glory in red. Stands out better.
It's a beautiful design.
Take care!

Linda said...

Dianntha, this looks wonderful, I love the way you stitched glory in red. I have this chart and want to have mine finshed by the 4th of July. Happy stitching. hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dianntha! You have inspired me to clean out my chart stash. Are you still interested in the Kindness sampler chart? I am setting up a little sale on my blog, and I'll give you first crack at it if you want it. Say, $5? Let me know!

Your LHN looks great!

Anonymous said...

Please send me your email address one more time...The one you sent may have a spelling error as my email to you was sent back as undeliverable. Thanks!

Linda said...

Beautiful design. I have just started to xstitch. Its going to be a long journey.

Sally said...

Your LHN looks lovely. I really like the glory in red.

still see u said...
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