Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunny Flordia

Here we are in sunny Florida...well kinda... it isn't sunny today. it is actually cloudy and windy. We are at the Daytona beach today and you can see that the girls are having fun with their Grandparents.
They went into the water a little but really it was just too cold. They didn't mind because when we went to the airport it was only 6 degrees at this weather is okay with them.
Tomorrow it will be warmer so I will take more pictures then. Talk to you soon. Be blessed.


Tolentreasures said...

I LOVE Daytona Beach, we have gone there many, many times. There are so many places there that I LOVE to eat! Pat's Riverfront Cafe is our breakfast place, Deck Down Under, Booth's Bowery (I can smell the french onion soup now) JB's Fish Camp in New Smyrna, the Sly Fox Inn, I want to go, I want to be there NOW!

Have fun!


BittersweetPunkin said... went from having snow to going to the Beach!!

We are having rain....for days I'd be happy with either snow or the beach right now!

Love your photos!


Linda said...

It's looks like you all are having a great time. The beach is a favorite of mine any time of the year. I hope the girls got their toesies wet.

I didn't realize you were going on vacation and I've tagged you for a fun Meme..I hope you will join the fun when you get home..hugs, Linda

Meggie said...

Sweet photos of the girls and their grandparents, Dianntha! Friday is supposed to be the coldest here is quite a while. I'm sure you will be more comfy in Florida. Enjoy!