Friday, February 13, 2009

Primitve bunny,,,Love it

Hey there, I have been gone too long. I have been working on one of our rental properties. We have one empty and someone is wanting to move in but it was so dirty and dingy that we needed some time to work on it. I don't believe they ever cleaned in the last 5 years so we are up to our eyebrows working on this place.
My two daughters and I have been painting and stripping wallpaper each day until we are so tired that we took a break today....boy did we need that.
We have two bedrooms done, the foyer, the living room and the hallway. Each had 10 foot ceilings and very large woodwork. It is a beautiful apartment once you get it painted and cleaned. LOL We have the bathroom and kitchen to do. I am hanging wallpaper in the kitchen next week and new tile on the floor in the bathroom....then we will be done...I think. We needed help, this job was really a big one for the three of us. My dh is doing the flooring...we are replacing a kitchen cabinet that has the sink in it.
I did have a minute last friday to stop at a store and I fell in love with this little only rabbit so far. The black light I found at a store that was going out of business and I thought it was a good deal so I brought it home too.
Tomorrow I am working on cleaning and putting things away at our home because it seems like the more you work at the rental the more my house gets a mess...oh well...tomorrow it will be better, right?
I need my dad to come home from Florida so he can help me...I am tired! LOL Blessings to all.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hopefully all your hard work will pay off and your rental will pay you back!

Have a great weekend!

Tolentreasures said...

I used to do that also. I have enough rental stories to write a book. I feel your pain! If it is any consolation, it was a great experience for my daughters to do that type of work. They both have their own homes and are so handy now!

Carmen said...

what an adorable bunny with his carrots!!!

Lori said...

I know how you feel! we were landlords to many kooks in our younger days...they literally trashed our rentals!

no more of I just have to clean up after our animals!!!

Love your blog & thanks for visiting mine!

Meggie said...

I'm sure you will be happy when the work is done. Hang in there, Dianntha, almost there. However, I'm sure you will find another project to keep you busy,