Saturday, February 28, 2009

How do you like my project this time?

I wanted to give you an idea of the project I was telling you about...the hand applique' class. This is the basket of flowers that I think is so cute. This pattern could easily be turned into a wool pattern or a punch needle projcet too. I have about half of it stitched down and on the right I have some of it pinned in place and some is still missing. I am hoping to finish it really soon....then I will move on to something else.
We have continued our quest of finishing up our rental property and as of 11pm last night it is done, well at least the inside is done. The outside needs a light and a few other things but that is for dh to work on. I am nearly exhausted putting in three weeks of hard labor. Did I mnetion that rentald are no fun!!!!
I also made a trip to our near-by town and signed up for classes..Ohio State brancn campus. I will be taking two classes in the spring quarter, and a total of 5 this summer. That will be 20 quarter hours and then my teaching license will be good for the next 5 years. Now that will feel good to have that done. This is probably the last time I will renew and that is good too. lol
Today we spent the morning at a piano contest...our youngest is quite the piano player. She figures on getting two trophies, we will know on Tuesday. If she does I will proudly post a pic of them.
My parents are due home from Florida at the end of March. Last year my dad worked on our new buildings all summer and by the time he left I was so very tired and I haven't caught up dad...we can not work as hard this year because I am still tired!!!!lol
Well...think I will come to visit all you friends in blog land so until next time, be blessed.


Holly Michael, APR said...

You are wonderfully crafty! I love your new St. Pats background.

Priscilla said...

well done on the patchwork, it looks great. I wouldnt mind learning how to do patchwork either! I hope you have more of a relaxing week..
Take care

Priscilla x

Karen said...

Morning....thanks so much for visiting my blog....I love new friends.
I do hope you come back on a regular basis.
I am adding you to my blog list and will follow you!
love your applique - I'd love to see it in wool too.
Hugs, Karen My Colonial Home

Linda said...

Hi Great job on your appliques. Linda

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love your new project!!

My Dd wants to play the piano...a friend has an antique one they are giving away for FREE but with the piano movers it will probably cost about $300 or so to get it here and then it has to be tuned and or repaired. I told it wasn't likely it was going to happen. Free isn't always Free,,,

jdeere1 said...

Love your latest project!! It is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Hope yoru daughter did well at her competition! My daughter plays piano too!

Cottage Contessa said...

Wow Dianntha, sweetie you have been busy! How wonderful to have the rental house all done with. Been there, done that, so I know how you feel! Good to hear that your parents are coming to visit, I hope you have a lovely summer enjoying their company. Your stitching is, as always, simply beautiful. Wishing you a happy day sweet friend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Farmchick said...

Just stopping in to say hi. Love your looks wonderful! Have a wonderful day.