Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day15 of Living My Dream Ribbon cutting today!

Well, even with a broken wrist I have continued to work towards opening my business, Vyntage Barn.My dh has stepped up and worked on so many projects for me. My dd took much of the jewelry projects that I has started and finished them for me. But honestly, I think God knew I would work myself to the bone if he hadn't slowed me down/
I have been delighted at how things are taking shape. I must admit, I am very tired of my hand being swollen and hurting.
But as I dust and sweep and get ready for the opening I feel so blessed to be able to see my dream come true.This is what I worked for, this is what I dreamed of and to make it sweet the Chamber of Commerce is coming today for a ribbon cutting ceremony. What a sweet thing for them to do. I am blessed and to make it even better, today is my birthday. God has a sense of humor and he knows how to make things touch your heart. I am blessed.
So, Friday at 9am my business will open. My dream is happening as I write about it. All my family will be here for both days of the sale. Even the boyfriends will be here to help.
 This is what I was hoping for,  a business that we could all be involved in and spend the days together. This is what my Mom would have wanted! I am being blessed in a mighty way.


Liz said...

What a wonderful space you have created! It sure looks like a place I would love to browse through! May you be blessed in this wonderful venture. Heres to a spectacular opening! Congrats!!

cynthia lee designs said...

Hope you have a great opening day!! Congrats on being able to live to your dream!!

Linda Young said...

Your shop is adorable! I just love all the beautiful things in it! Wish I could open one too! I wish you all the best, hope you make lots of money and new friends and have tons of fun! Happy, Happy Birthday!
Be blessed! Linda

Gumbo Lily said...

It's going to be a great opening day. Wish I could walk through the door and see it in real life.