Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10 Living My Dream...The Name

  I am so sorry that I have not posted earlier but as you know, my dream is almost coming alive and I could not be more busy. Yesterday I told you that today I would share about the name of my business.
 When my business was going to be in town I knew that I wanted something that represented my Mom. My sister, brother and sister in love threw around so many different names but finally we decided on Y Knot. The Y is for Yvonne which was my Mom's middle name. The knot was to represent a love knot because she wrapped us all so tightly in love. We were thrilled with the name and it was settled.
  Then came all the bad news, there was no place for my business to be. All the shops were full and, well, you know that story from the earlier posts.
   When God closes doors, he opens windows so I continued to work on furniture and our little building and finally it was settled that I would start my business at home. But somehow the name did not fit my little building and and I talked it over with my family once again. We struggled with a name that would represent Mom and us....slowly and carefully we finally decided on Vyntage Barn. The Y was for Mom. The Y will always be for Mom.
  My brother called me last week and said that we were going to have a signiture, something that represented our love for our Mom. All I's will officially become Y's. ..That is who we are..we are about being a unit together we are about continuing her legacy. 
   So Vyntage Barn will be having a grand opening on Oct. 18th and 19th and it will be a joyous celebration of all of our faith. God has brought us to this moment. God has led us through the pain and sorrow, the grief...and we are not through that..we are in that. But we go on, pushing forward as she would have wanted. Showing our children that our faith is strong, we go on doing what is right, following the Father's steps so we can all be together again.
  Yes, Vyntage Barn is a new beginning, not without struggles but in spite of them.
   I give God all the glory for what he has done.

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