Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 12 Living my dream....working for my goal

 Once the name had been decided, once the place had been decided, once I knew that I was going to give it my all, I started. I worked 10 to 14 hrs a day in my little shed. I would work but it didn't feel like work. Each day was a pleasure and my little Vyntage Barn was becoming an enchanting place to spend my days. It has sparkle and glam and glitz and it made my heart sing.
 Hubby and I would go to auctions and flea markets and garage sales and my basement and we started collecting all kinds of treasures. If you are a long time follower of my blog then you have been with me on some of my trips. They were not always fun but were usually found something that we loved. I made up my mind that I would only buy things that I loved and would use in my own home. If this was going to be my business then I had to love what I was doing. Sometimes we would find things that were already made and didn't need anything done to it. Sometimes we would push and pull and paint and break and..well you get the picture.
  My little shed was becoming just what I had wanted...a place where I could dream a place where I could forget about the outside world and the pain and the grief .
  In the midst of this, I knew that I was carrying around so much suffering...oh the suffering of the loss of my parents. The kind of suffering where you cry but you don't feel better. You stop but you don't feel better. You go and you don't feel better. You act normal but you don't feel better. But finally during church one Sunday I felt an urge to be anointed for relief from the suffering. The grief is normal but the suffering was so terrible. The Pastor anointed me for the suffering to be gone...for me to be healed from such suffering. Now, when my Mom got sick my index finger started to swell and split open. It had never done that before. I tried everything to try to cure it. I tried ideas that Mom told me but nothing seemed to help. I wrapped it at night with medicine but still it would split. Months after Mom passed away when I was at the doctor he gave me medicine for it...still it was swollen and cracked.
   Time passed, seasons changed..still cracked and swollen. I called it my grief finger. Throbbing, bleeding, bothersome...then the anointing. My finger stopped hurting. Stopped swelling. My finger is not split, swollen or hurting. My finger is back to normal. My grief finger had stopped. I do believe it was the anointing for the suffering that helped heal my heart and my finger. Do I still have grief...everyday. Do I still cry..almost everyday. But that terrible suffering has been lifted.
  Vyntage Barn is giving me a purpose to my days. A reason to keep going. A joy in my heart. A love for what I do.
   We are now 6 days from my dream.

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sweetvintageofmine said...

I'm so glad your "suffering" is over...God has HEALED that part of you. I so enjoyed how you talked about being anointed. Many folks won't say such a thing or believe in that....I do!! I truly believe in being anointed for prayer...Bless your dream and working for your goal! Roxie