Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9 Living My Dream...Decisions

Now that my little shed had fancy walls I knew I would have to have some furniture.  I love furniture and I have painted my entire life so it was easy to start going to auctions and sales and pick up pieces that I loved. There were days I would paint all day and dream about what I was actually going to be doing. There were days that I paints all day. There were days that I just couldn't move off the sofa.
I found enjoyment while I was occupied but I still would glance out the window to see if my parents were here yet. Ya know, that expectation of seeing them pull into my driveway has not gone away. My parents were at my home almost every day and I continue to "expect" them. I am not sure I am ready for that to go away.
Finally, as my collection of furniture grew I was going to have to make a decision about going forward with "littles" or sticking with just furniture.
  I feel like I had to go all the way around the circle to get here. I had to go through every door to end up right where I started. Sometimes, when you don't listen for God's voice, you try to make things happen.
  God knew that in  my heart I love to be home and that is where my business will begin. At home, in my shed my parents put up for me.
   Now, don't let me fool you, it is hard some days I cry before I step in the door, I see them there with me...I wish them there with me. Then I go in, I have not choice. I can't change what has happened but I can make a change now.
   My business get a name....tomorrow!

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Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

excited to see you are moving forward.