Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8 Living my dream...Finding My Spot

Well, as I said yesterday, I started to pray about what my next step should be. I had started to work at a small shop here in our town. I loved meeting new friends and the excitement of being uptown. This shop sold homecoming and prom dresses, jewelry and gifts. I knew right away I would not want to sell dresses, that was not my thing but I loved the gifts. I started to feel encouraged about maybe having a business uptown and I thought God was opening a window. The owner of the shop had decided to close her shop and I wanted to take over her spot but only keep the gifts. At the same time a flower business was selling their building and business and it was just two doors down with a great window and much better size building. Yes, my dh and I took a tour of that business and loved the building. I knew with just a few renovations it would work for me. We gave them a full price offer, God stepped in.. They turned us down on our full price offer because they wanted us to also buy the flower business.Now I knew there was no way I wanted to open a flower business so the deal fell through. We were all shocked, but God is good and He knew He had other plans for me. 
Now, I continued to work at the dress shop but the owner started trying to make me pick up her dress lines, she didn't think I could make it if I didn't. It became more tense to work with her as she continued to change what we had agreed upon. Come to find out, another retailer said she had many deals fall through because she wanted to control what they were going to carry. So, sadly that deal fell through as well. I was back home. Sad and lonely but still with a need in my heart when hubby said he thought we should finish the building I already had and think about a business there.

 The walls were already wooden sheets and we had planned on putting tongue and groove on the walls and ceiling but after talking to my brother and sister in love they said just paint it and see.
 So I started to paint bonding and bonding and bonding and then many coats of paint. I started to like it. I added some sparkles to the paint and I liked it more. Then hubby put up molding and I was in love with the new face lift. We had been using this building for family gatherings and I thought I looked nice. Now I could see that maybe I could have a business right here at home. Hubby had been right! I am so thankful for the advise of my brother and sister in love because they gave the inspiration to just try it.

So I finally had a place I could use as a business. Now, what to sell?
  God had directed my path right back to my own home, my own building, directing my path.


Storybook Woods said...

I love hearing how God is leading and protecting you through this whole process xox Clarice

Gumbo Lily said...

Very cool. I think the idea of having your shop right close to home is a big bonus.