Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 26...Living My Dream..and We Begin Again!

Well, Dear Friends,
  I was thinking about when I was deciding on what the topic would be for my 31 Days.. Honesty when I was trying to decide the topic it had not occurred to me that my dream would come true during our time together. It didn't even occur to me until I was on day three that it would happen as I was writing my 31 day series. God is good and he has a sense of humor because sometimes I don't get it.
  Since our sale I have been trying to get some furniture purchased for our next sale so I thought I would share some of what I have been up to today.
   I did get my cast off and today I started therapy on my wrist so what better time than to start some furniture. My dh primed all the pieces for me and what a big help that was. So I put a couple of coats of paint on them and tomorrow I will put on a stain but for today this is where I started.
And this is where I am ending for the day. One drawer is getting repaired so it is missing in this picture but you will get the idea. This is a new color for me and so far I like it but I will love it once the stain goes on. I was too tired to stain it tonight so it will have to wait for tomorrow.
  While I was finishing up I got that sick feeling that comes around when I realize that my parents are not here to share my success and failures. Mom would have loved this color and Dad would have thought I ruined it with paint. It brought a smile to my face and then a few tears. How my heart cries when I think of my loss.
  I hope you love the furniture!

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