Tuesday, October 29, 2013

day 29 living my dream....sharing my joy

  Well, I just want to share a few thoughts today about my dream. When I enter the doors, I enter into a world where I can create. I listen to music and I dream of what it will look like when I get done. I work hard daily in every capacity. I enjoy every minute.
  It has been so wonderful to connect with old friends. It has been a season of meeting new friends and reconnecting with family. But at the same time it has been a season of truth. I have a friend that is showing signs of jealously, signs of worry but not signs of happiness for me. It is always interesting when you see truth, when someone reveals who they truly are, when you are staring into a new reality.
  I believe the Lord uses these times to change our path, to draw us close. I am not sad, I am happy to see truth revealed....I am happy to change my path when I am going the wrong way.
  The Lord has changed my path may times and I am thrilled with when He has taken me. I am home and working at doing something I love. My dream is growing and changing and dear Friends, you are here to see it happen. You are with me, you have shared your kind comments and ideas.I am blessed . You have shared my sorrow and my grief and seen joy begin to build in my heart. I am so happy to share this with each of you!

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