Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 In two weeks, living my dream comes true!

Today I am excited to say that in two weeks my dream will come true!!My business opens two weeks from today. But in order for you to understand how my dream is coming true you have to understand where it started. And so many impossible situations in the middle.
So my dream of owning a small business were just a dream and in the spring of 2010 my second dd was graduating and we were just making minor changes to the building. I decided to add some tulips so when
my parents would return from Florida they would be surprised.
 All summer and my parents and I would tinker around making things better and Mom and I would discuss what kind of business we would have. She could so and we both loved to craft and I think that I always thought that it would be something along that line. I love to make wool table mats and thought maybe we would teach classes but life would be busy and the seasons would change and they would get ready for Florida again.
 When fall would arrive we would celebrate with family and have an early Thanksgiving. This was at the end of October and it was warm and sunny and we also celebrated Mom's birthday. We didn't know that our lives were about to change an my dream of having a business with Mom was never going to happen.
 We were still having Homecomings and birthdays and graduations and living carefree. Mom would stop over when the girls were ready for the dance and see them off. She was a great Maw Maw. She was a wonderful Mom and best friend.
  We didn't know she was sick. All we knew was that we loved being together.


Karen said...

The shop is really looking wonderful.

Doreen@househoneys said...

What a beautiful little shop! Good for you for pursuing your dream!

Thank you for joining our blog hop and have a fabulous weekend!