Monday, August 26, 2013

The Return of the White Suitcase!!!! And a Make-Over!

 Well, I went out to the barn this morning and wanted to check out the white suitcase. I was thinking I might have to spray it with poly if it was still sticky. It had dried but the handle was a little sticky but I decided to move on with the display while it dries! This small table would be perfect for an entry way. I think it looks like Hollywood glam with it's silver handles. It is a little short so the suitcase gives it some a burst of surprise.
  I did not have three candles that were the same for the pictures so I found a star that I thought was so sweet and added it to hold the place of the candle. I love the way this dark gray stands out against the white! It is darling.
  Then when I went to work on a different display I noticed I didn't have any trees for the ornaments so I went to the basement to see which tree could stand an update and well, this one is kinda sorry.
 I brushed on a light coat of paint and it was not what I was looking for..besides the fact that the bristles sprayed paint on me as I brushed. Wear old clothes for this job!
 But with another coat of paint the tree was much better. Now it is drying in the hot sun. Too hot for me!!!
Vyntage Barn Sale Oct. 18 and 19th  9-5

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Storybook Woods said...

You are one busy girl. So many tempting things. I wish I could go to your barn sale!!! Clarice