Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Handles and A New Make-over begins!

Well Friends, Here she is with all her handles on and ready to go. I polished her with wax before I added the handles. I spray painted her original handles and I love them now. There are some sparkles in the paint that the camera could not  pick up but she has a nice finish.
Here is a closer look at the handles. While I had the paint out I decided to work on a few other projects as well. It was cool and breezy and just a joy to work outdoors.
This is a piece that has been in my shed for years. Do you remember these old things?? I think everyone had some form of this. It had the copper plates on the front with potatoes and veggies. We I was going to get rid of it when I wondered what was behind those copper plates and yes...there was a piece of wood! Well, then I do believe I can do something that would make this a little updated. If you want to see the before picture go here.
So I broke out the primer and decided I would give it a coat of bonding and then I will decide on the color...while the primer was open I thought I might as well prime two doors and another small piece that has been waiting on me...so I will choose a color tonight and see if I can't get this painted tomorrow!
  I have been unwrapping all our new treasures and I can't wait to share them with you!


Gumbo Lily said...

Great dresser makeover. I love it. It'll be fun to see how your veggie bin turns out.

Heather Wise said...

Awww! Dianntha! I feel like that bin thing was like watching a movie and someone turns off the tv! I wanted to see what you did with it! Awww... The dresser is lovely though. I love the colors!

Hope you are well! Love and hugs,

Brooke Larsen said...

I love how those handles look with that dresser and color! Great job. Thank you for linking up at my Furniture and Paint Party