Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heart Craft and Fireplace Make-over!

Hello Dear Friends,
   Sorry I have been quiet but I have been so busy that I was too tired to share. I have much more going on that I will talk about this weekend but for now here are a few of the things that are taking my time.
   I found this frame at Hobby Lobby and I knew right away that I could do something with it. I love the way it turned out. These  were the little flowers that you pick up for $2.00 and they each have a little glam to them.

 When I was setting them up in the design I actually had to pin them into place and it looked like this...then I hot glued them.

I sprayed the entire heart and background with craft bond and then glittered it...

  Then my brother brought this over for a makeover and I knew it would have to be white. He didn't care what color so first I painted gray on top.

I was playing around with what I was going to put on the inside and I had this for another project.
Here is the gray when I was dry brushing it over the red. I wasn't sure if it was going to be what I wanted.

 But in the end I put soft white on tope and I love it. And I did like the silver in the is even better in better light but here she is!!


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love the old tin in the fireplace, looks so good, wonderful job, Blessings Francine.

Storybook Woods said...

Love, love. Cannot wait to see more!! Clarice

Karen said...

Two fantastic projects you have going there...I love them both.
You are one creative lady.
We have a wood fireplace front and that gives me an idea for our guest bedroom

Joy said...

Sweet heart!