Saturday, January 19, 2013

No Spend February

Ok Friends, I did it. I broke down and went shopping for dishwashers. My no-pend January is a bust...the good news, the dishwasher is being delivered on Monday. I was surprised that it is coming so quickly. So I will soon have the beauty in my kitchen and my little purple gloves will get a rest!
  However, I am going to try again in February. I am going to try to do a no-spend February. Do you want to join me? I am only going to do the least grocery shopping that I can and no shopping for home or clothes or non necessary items. Now, if you want to join me let me know...and we can talk about it on our blogs! So get prepared. Let's have some will be a fun challenge!


Phyllis @Around the House said...

How exciting, a new dishwasher, I have never had one...I have the space, Mr. S. built a wine rack with glass doors and a light, love that, sometimes I wonder about a

Prims By The Water said...

Aw you broke down and bought something..but heck you needed a new dishwasher, so I feel that was a necessity. When we finish our kitchen re-do, I will finally get a dishwasher. I wish I could join you on the no-spend February, but we shop all the time for our I would lose from the start. Good luck! Janice

Sage Grayson said...

I'm always impressed when I see that someone is doing a no-spend month. It feels like a daunting task, but watching others do it at least makes me more aware of my spending habits.

Don't be too down on yourself! A dishwasher is a necessity, and there will always be unexpected things that pop up from time to time. Good luck with no-spend February!