Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Mantle

Hello Friends,
  Yesterday I decided it was time to tackle the mantle. When I put all the Christmas away it looked pretty gloomy. I at first thought about putting the garland away and putting it back to normal but then I thought...what fun is that? So I started to dream of having a glittery, shiny mantle for all the winter that is yet to come. I left the star wreath that I a made and the snowmen picture.

Then when I looked at the tree I made yesterday I decided to take  a few of the decorations I had left over and a few that I had in my stash and this is where I began. I wanted it to be winter..above the fireplace. I wanted that warm cozy feel.

This dove is in my living room year around and I decided to move it to a more prominent spot for awhile. I took the peace sign from the white cabinet and who could resist the beautiful cake stand?

I found a few shiny things that seemed to fit right in...

And this spool of thread and snowman was a touch of fun and whimsy!
This pine cones I had picked up in my yard a few weeks ago before the snow.

Enjoy your day, dear friends and I am happy to be spending time with you!


Old Time Cindy said...

Your spool of thread and snowman make me smile! Have a wonderful weekend!
Farmhouse hugs,

sweetvintageofmine said...

A beautiful winter display! LOVE the lights and glitter! from one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie

candice said...

I love this! Beautiful!