Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Starting To Prepare for Another Holiday Change

Well, the weather outside is frightful!!! But we are warm and toasty inside. I am praying for all those that have had devastation from Sandy. We are so fortunate to be safe. It is windy and cold and snowy but so far all is well. 
I found this cute snowman on our garage sale site and I thought I had a place for it so off I went to purchase it...and it is so cute!

I found this sheep at a local shop and I knew it was perfect for our first Christmas in our revamped living room. It is perfect for a white living room. So today is our first snowfall..not a lot of snow but still slippery. I am going to spend the morning cleaning and putting all the Halloween away...I am dreaming of our Christmas decorations and Christmas music and well...you get the picture.
We always have our tree and decorations up before Thanksgiving. Really I do this for two reasons...One that is when most of my family is in my home for the Holiday season and two, I love Christmas and I try to enjoy it for as long as I can. Now you know why I put out my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations out at the same time...because they come down at the same time too! Well, I am off to enjoy my day and I will be reading your blogs later today!

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Heather Wise said...

Well, look at that snow! If I saw that, I think I would start decorating for Christmas as well. All of our beautiful leaves blew off in the storm... :(

I LOVE the snowman! Great find!
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Stay safe in your cold weather!